Why Invest in a Condominium Unit in Laguna?

Camella Manors Upstate Tower
Camella Manors Upstate Tower

Investment is the quickest route to financial independence and stability; it comes in many forms. It could be in stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and many others. Among these is the most popular, Real Estate, especially in a country like the Philippines. With massive developments anywhere in the nation, many investors and agents are now flocking to the real estate market. The popularity of real estate investment in the Philippines leads people to think that it is simple and easy. You buy a house, or a bank buys you the house. You put it on lease so tenants will pay off the loan. Collect payments every month while inflation builds you massive wealth. However, on the contrary, it is more challenging than it may sound.

Deciding on investment or what properties to invest in requires a lot of factors to ponder upon, like location, prices, and economic value, including your personal preferences. The first step to buying a house alone will give you an excruciating list of choices to bethink about. This is why we are here to make it a lot easier, helping you pick the best option there is.

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A house is the most common real estate property type in the Philippine provinces. Although condominiums appear on related searches when people browse for housing, they are mostly found in major cities like Manila. However, as developments stretched outside of the capital city, condominium properties became widespread, and developers expanded to the suburbs and provinces outside Luzon. Filipinos purchase condominium properties for varied reasons. For instance, middle-class families in rural areas search and buy condominium units as halfway homes for their children going to schools and universities in the cities to live. Condominium units have become so popular because it offers many perks for their residents and investors. If you’re planning to invest in real estate housing and are torn between purchasing a house or a condo unit, say less because we will enlighten you on the better choice of property type up to date.

Camella Manors Upstate Community
Camella Manors Upstate Community

What’s the better option between homes and condominium properties?

A house is relatable to most of us since one way or another, we all live or lived in one. It’s typically a 1-2 storey structure with four or more outer walls standing independently on a lot. Depending on the area and size of the lot where the house is built, it may have the luxury of a front yard and a backyard. A condominium compares to an apartment and is usually smaller in square footage than a house. Condominium residents live in one complex divided into units of homes and several amenities that serve as common areas, such as gyms, swimming pools, parking lot, and clubhouses. Condos are usually famous for first-time homebuyers. Thus, if you’re a first-time homebuyer or an investor considering putting your money on a condo purchase, here’s a walkthrough of the advantages you can enjoy.

Price Value

Property cost is traditionally the first thing people compare when in search of a place. What’s cheaper between a condo and a house?

Usually, prices of condos are generally less expensive per sqm than a house because it comes without land. Since it is inside a building complex and your unit is the only thing you own, you won’t have to worry about landscaping, roofing, and exterior walls. The cost for property maintenance is shared with other condominium owners.

Proximity to Work and School

Rather than in a neighborhood, condominium buildings are usually developed at the center of an urban area, making it easily accessible to many nearby companies and schools, especially universities. Condominium residents have the convenience of working closer to their homes or traveling to school daily. In addition are the higher urban lifestyle it provides, such as shops, restaurants, malls, and other commercial facilities within walking distance.

Why Choose a Condo in Laguna?

Camella Manors Upstate Swimming Pool
Camella Manors Upstate Swimming Pool

Say you have decided on purchasing a condo; the next question is, which area?

Most will probably think of Metro Manila as the best area to invest in when we look at economic value, given that it is the capital and center of economic activities in the Philippines. It also provides you with the broadest job opportunities across all industries. However, with its population, crime rate, transportation flow, and environmental state, some people don’t want the kind of life there. Now, if you are searching for a refuge away from the congested and noisy city life in the metro yet not wanting to let go of the perks, accessibility and convenience it offers, then Laguna can be the perfect province in the Philippines for you.

Investment in Laguna

When we look at economic value, an investment in Laguna is sound compared to other cities. Laguna is one of the provinces considered to have a fast-growing economy with on-going commercial, business, and residential developments. It is home to various business centers and a PEZA zone in Biñan. It shelters the famous University of the Philippines-Los Baños, one of the country’s top universities. Increased infrastructure also adds to its selling point with the Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX) and the proposed Calamba-Los Baños Expressway. Moreover, you could spare yourself from long drives and hefty fares when going to Metro Manila, as it only takes close to an hour from Laguna to Manila.

Laguna also has a reputation for tourism. The province is distinguished for its tourist-acclaimed hot springs and the magnificent Laguna de Bay. To add to its upsides, Laguna is a gateway to some of your favorite weekend getaways in Luzon, like Tagaytay and Batangas.

In Laguna, you can have the luxury of everything—urban living, similar opportunities to the metro, a laidback environment, better air quality, less traffic, and less crowded transportation flow.

Is now a good time to buy real estate, or should I wait?

When investing in real estate properties, many of us think of timing. Once you learn the value of real estate, any time is an excellent time to buy a property or make a sale.

Camella’s well-pointed communities exist to grant you the privilege of a worthwhile investment.

Camella Manors Upstate | Condominium in Laguna

If you are considering investing in a condominium unit in the area of Laguna or searching condos for sale in Laguna, do not stray far from the best choice—Camella Manors Upstate in Bay, Laguna. Developed by Vista Land, the leading and largest integrated property developer in the Philippines, Camella Manors Upstate is the pioneer of elevated condo living in Laguna as it offers smart technology. As a first condominium development, it serves as a beacon of progress and unparalleled convenience at the heart of commerce, top-notch educational institutions, places of worship, and major transportation hubs. Enjoy resort-style amenities amplified with the already refreshing ambiance of the locale. Let Camella Manors Upstate in Laguna take you to greater heights!

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