Why Bohol is the Best Alternative to Living in Metro Cebu

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Central Visayas has become prosperous and highly developed, with two of the most well-known areas being Cebu and Bohol. Cebu is one of the country’s biggest metropolitans, with lots of businesses investing in multiple industries; Bohol is Cebu’s more subdued neighbor.

Bohol province consists of the main Bohol Island and several smaller islands surrounding it. It’s known for its breathtaking natural sights and resources, such as the Chocolate Hills, tarsiers, and vast coral reefs. More than just its natural wonders, Bohol offers a host of other advantages for those who want an alternative to living in busy Cebu.

In this article, we explore the reasons why:

Urbanized areas set in nature

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Much of Cebu living happens within the metro Cebu area. Most offices, commercial establishments, and transportation hubs are within the urban center. This can benefit many people, especially professionals working within the city centers. However, Bohol could offer a more ideal arrangement, particularly for families and those who want to be more in touch with nature.

Bohol offers a good balance between city living and being connected to nature. It has major business centers and serene beach resorts all within a single island. Take the main Bohol Island, for instance, where there’s a seaport and airport as well as the busiest business districts, but it’s also just within reach of idyllic seaside retreats. Living in Bohol allows you to remain in constant contact with nature without having you give up the modern conveniences and luxuries of city living.

Newer infrastructure

Compared to Cebu, Bohol is a newly urbanized area, which means that its facilities and infrastructure are recently built. As such, Bohol’s infrastructure is often more updated and suited to today’s tech-heavy world. This infrastructure boost has happened particularly in recent years with the increasing number of tourists and investors in Bohol. For one, the Bohol-Panglao airport has only been open since 2018. Similarly, Bohol also has a recently renovated seaport, opening up marine travel and cargo exchange for businesses and residents in the area.

Additionally, there are a few more infrastructure projects in the works that are sure to boost the real estate value in the area, making a house and lot in Bohol extremely coveted. There’s the Panglao-Tagbilaran City Offshore Bridge Connector Project (PTCOB) that’ll connect the province’s major islands; there’s also the Tagbilaran Green Park, which is a flagship project by the government to solidify Bohol’s position as an eco-friendly province.

Robust economy

Despite being a small and modest province, Bohol actually enjoys economic growth parallel to Cebu. Bohol is the 10th largest island in the country, which means that it has sprawling lands for agricultural production. And being made up of multiple islands, Bohol is surrounded by water on all sides, giving it a solid base for fisheries and maritime businesses. Moreover, tourism in Bohol has grown exponentially in the last few years, generating lots of jobs and earning opportunities for local workers and entrepreneurs. Undoubtedly, there’s a wide range of Bohol industries one can join and invest in.

In comparison to Cebu, Bohol’s professional and industrial landscape is less saturated. This opens up lots of doors for new ventures and starters.

More affordable cost of living

Not only is Bohol less commercialized, but its cost of living is also lower than in Cebu. For instance, rent prices in Bohol are about 53% lower than in Cebu, and grocery prices are also 26% lower in Bohol than in Cebu. This allows Bohol residents to build their savings more easily or allocate more budget to other lifestyle-enhancing expenses.

Wide range of residential options

With Cebu being a metropolis, it’s only natural that lots of people flock to the province for employment, business, and education. While not necessarily a bad thing, high population density can make finding a home that much more competitive. A 2020 census revealed that there are about 3,100 persons per square kilometer in Cebu; on the other hand, Bohol only has a population density of 292 persons per square kilometer.

Since there are now a wider range of house and lot for sale options in Bohol, led by Camella in Bohol, the low population density means that residential areas are less crowded. It also indicates that homebuyers still have loads of choices, from new condominium units to conventional single detached homes. Since the market for Bohol homes is more equitable than in Cebu, it establishes an even and healthy playing ground among buyers.

Camella in Bohol is the best alternative to Metro Cebu

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If you’re looking for a metropolitan lifestyle in Bohol, Camella provides that and more. Camella in Bohol has been building a community of thriving professionals and close-knit families since 2012. It’s a great alternative to living in Metro Cebu since a home in the sprawling Camella Bohol development delivers urban sensibilities while situating you in a relaxing environment. In fact, residents of Camella in Bohol are treated to wonderful views of the Banat-I Hill and unparalleled access to the city.

At Camella, you can embrace city life fully as you continue to build a home in a family-oriented community.

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