What to do Over the Long Weekend this October 

From January up to the tail-end of the year on December 31, the Philippines enjoys a calendar with a number of regular holidays, national holidays, and special non working holidays. It pays to look at these dates ahead of time so you can begin planning your leaves.

In fact, those falling on long weekends can be stretched further by applying your earned vacation leaves before or after the holiday. This way, you can even enjoy trips abroad. By preparing early, you can book your flights in advance at lower rates, avoid the long queues in hotel bookings, and save up for the trip. Let’s take a look at the announced public holidays for 2024:

Image taken from Toledo City Public Information Office Facebook page
Image taken from Toledo City Public Information Office Facebook page

Welcoming of the New Year

January 1, Monday : New Year’s Day

Mark the first day of the year and welcome 2024 fresh and rejuvenated! Leave all the troubles, anxieties and uncertainties of 2023 behind and begin tackling the new year with gusto. Make sure you grab a hot cup of coffee or coco on your way to work or school to start your day right.

February 10, Saturday : Kung Hei Fat Choi

The revelry continues with the celebration of Chinese New Year. The festival marks the beginning of the new year, starting from the second new moon and ending on the full moon after fifteen days. This occasion is marked by a reunion dinner on new year’s eve, visits to loved ones, gift giving and fireworks.

The People Power Revolution Anniversary which is celebrated every 25th of February is not part of the list of holidays in 2024 as it falls on a Sunday.

March 25-31 : Observance of Holy Week

While the observance of the Holy Week begins on Holy Monday, the public holiday only covers Maundy Thursday (March 28), Good Friday (March 29), and Black Saturday (March 29). If you want to spend a long weekend holidays, you might want to consider filing Holy Wednesday and Easter Sunday as vacation leaves.

April 9, Tuesday : Day of Valor or Araw ng Kagitingan

Another one for your list of long weekends. You can file you leave on Monday, April 8 to join the commemoration and other festivities in Bataan.

Islamic Holidays

The Islamic calendar invites additional special non working holidays in 2024. Eidul Fitr falls on a Wednesday, April 10, following the Day of Valor. Eidul Adha on the other hand is slated on June 16, 2024.  Both occasions are highly revered by Muslim Filipinos. The dates of Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha are projections so watch out for separate proclamations from the President’s office.

May 1, Wednesday : Labor Day

Give yourself a break on this special holiday. To enjoy this fully, go on an extended vacation including Monday and Tuesday.

June 12, Wednesday : Independence Day

Also known as Araw ng Kalayaan or Day of Freedom, this commemorates the declaration of Philippine independence from Spain in 1898.

Heroes Month in August

August 21, Wednesday : Ninoy Aquino Day

August 26, Monday : National Heroes Day

November Holiday Schedule

All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day fall on Friday and Saturday respectively. Avoid stress from the expected traffic by filing your leaves prior these dates. November 30 is the annual celebration of Bonifacio Day, however, it is part of the holiday economics and will thus be celebrated earlier than usual, on the 27th of November.

December Celebrations

December 8, Sunday Feast of the Immaculate Conception

December 24, Tuesday, Christmas Day Wednesday

December 30, Monday Rizal Day

December 31, New Year’s Day

More Long Weekends up ahead this October 2023

With the upcoming Barangay and SK Elections, October 30 has been declared a special non working day for the Filipinos. Since November 1, Wednesday and November 2, Thursday are also regular public holidays, there is an opportunity for a fun, longer weekend ahead. Take note that the last day of work prior this long weekend is a Friday – so get ready for traffic jams and long queues.

The long weekend in October is perfect for enjoying the crisp Christmas air, stunning holiday attractions, and various activities and events. Whether you are seeking outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or good old relaxation, there is something for everyone during the upcoming look weekend. 

Book your flights, stay indoors—do whatever you will this long weekend in the Philippines from October 29th to 3rd of November! (And yet another weekend on the 4th and 5th!)

In this article are suggested activities to do and other options for making the most of your long weekend! 

Reconnect with nature

The long weekend in October provides an excellent opportunity to connect with nature and recharge your batteries. You can easily unwind and take a much-needed break by hiking in a nearby trek and exploring the trails lined with tall trees. The country’s pleasant weather and scenic views will surely rejuvenate your mind and body, making it the perfect activity. 

Go on a food trip

If you are a food enthusiast, the long weekend is a perfect opportunity to embark on a culinary adventure. You can visit the nearest Samgyeopsal restaurant or indulge in unlimited chicken wings with your friends while enjoying coffee fixes. Also, highly urbanized provinces and tourist destinations like Bacolod, Negros Occidental offer exciting festivals such as the Masskara Festival or the Buglasan Festival in Dumaguete that you can participate in.

Relive your childhood at amusement parks

For thrill-seekers, amusement parks often offer special weekend events and Halloween-themed surprises for the guests. Experience the exhilaration of roller coasters and haunted mazes, admire the festive decorations, indulge in seasonal treats, and satisfy your inner child. This is an excellent option for families to bond over or adrenaline junkies to experience a memorable long weekend.

Book a staycation

If you are looking for a peaceful getaway, you may want to consider renting a cozy cabin, a private beach villa, or a bed and breakfast. These rural retreats offer an opportunity to unwind while surrounded by breathtaking scenery, such as beaches and mountains, or picturesque cityscapes from the comfort of your hotel room. You can take long walks, read by the balcony, or simply bask in the tranquility of a long weekend vacation.

Rest and remember this Undas Weekend

The long weekend in the Philippines also happens to be the weekend before All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day or Undas. This time-honored tradition brings families and communities together to remember and honor their departed loved ones through various activities and rituals that symbolize reverence for the dead. You can participate in traditional customs, visit cemeteries, and enjoy a little merienda in the afternoons, a classic Filipino way of celebrating All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day with your family.

Staying at home during the long weekend can be a peaceful and satisfying retreat that offers relaxation. This break from the usual routine allows one to catch up on some much-needed pause, engage in hobbies, or spend quality time with loved ones. You can read a book, watch your favorite TV show, or stroll in your neighborhood. This simple activity can help rejuvenate your body and mind, boosting your overall well-being. Additionally, staying at home for the long weekend eliminates the hassle of traveling and saves time and money.

If you are looking for a home to spend the long weekend in, Camella offers you a wide range of options. Invest in your dream home and enjoy the comfort and relaxation it provides during the long weekend. To find the perfect home, simply contact the nearest Camella community in your area. This could be the sign you have been waiting for to invest in a home perfect for your long weekend getaway.

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