Camella Savannah marker, Iloilo house for sale

5 Advantages of Starting a Home in an Established Community in Iloilo City

Iloilo City | Parents want their children to live holistic life as they grow up. Children, on the flip side, dream to give their parents a well-deserved relaxation as they grow old and retire. In other words, we all struggle to provide for the needs and wants of our family to live the best possible life.  Where we live means so much in shaping our contentment and peace of mind. Do we feel safe in the...

Plant more trees- Earth Day 2022

Best Practices and Activities You can Do on Earth Day 2022

Earth has existed for more than four and a half billion years, and it sure has experienced a lot since then. It's continuously changing, and some of its changes are due to us: humans. The advancement of technology modifies the natural resources that our planet produces for us to make various manual works more efficient and much more accessible. However, it has its adverse effects on our planet, which may...

Get Into These Trendy New Normal Hobbies at Home

Photo by Hedgehog Digital on Unsplash  It's been a year since the pandemic started. You may be missing traditional face-to-face interactions, gatherings, other exciting outdoor activities. Maybe you have memorized the nooks and corners of your house and lot and want to see a change in scenery? That's okay. Most of the population feel the same way as you do. Though staying at home is one of the...

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