Vista Land Sponsors “Dinagyang Tribes” in Celebration of Ilonggo Culture at Dinagyang Festival 2024

Image Source: ALLTV News

The residential and commercial businesses of Vista Land, the Philippines’ leading integrated property developer, join in the annual celebration of the Dinagyang Festival by showcasing the rich cultural heritage and artistic brilliance of Ilonggo communities. 

Georgia, A Prime Development of Vista Land, alongside the flagship housing brand of the company, Camella, and Asterra, facilitated the sponsorship of four performance groups, or “tribes,” during the Dinagyang Tribes Competition 2024—Tribu Silak, Tribu Pan-ay, Tribu Taga-Baryo, and Tribu Mandu-Riyaw—demonstrating their commitment to cultural preservation and community engagement.

Dinagyang Tribes Competition 2024 Winners

The Dinagyang Tribes competition took place from January 20 to 28, 2024, and concluded with Tribu Pan-ay bringing home the coveted overall championship title and receiving the Best in Music and Best in Performance awards. 

Deputy Speaker Camille Villar, the festival’s guest of honor, presented the top performance group, as well as Tribu Mandu-Riyaw, who secured the third runner-up position, and Tribu Silak, who received the Best in Choreography award and the esteemed People’s Choice Award.

Experiencing Dinagyang 2024 in Vista Land’s Prime Developments

To enhance the overall experience of their residents and guests, Vista Land arranged a number of activities in their developments that complemented the ongoing festivities. These added further value to the celebrations and helped to make them even more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Dinagyang Caravan and Opening of the Costume Exhibit: A festive caravan kicked off the celebrations on January 13, concluding in a Dinagyang Costume Exhibit at VistaMall Iloilo. The showcase presented the intricate and colorful costumes worn by the Dinagyang Festival tribes during their performances, giving visitors a deeper appreciation of the festival’s cultural significance.

Vista Expo at Dinagyang Festival 2024: Vista Land organized the first-ever real estate property presentation in Iloilo from January 26 to 28, titled Vista Expo: Dinagyang Festival 2024. The expo featured Vista Land, Camella, and Asterra developments with partner banking institutions and served as a platform for the business partners to present the diverse portfolio and investment opportunities to discerning investors. 

Building Communities, Celebrating Culture

The presence of Vista Land in Iloilo extends far beyond the month-long festivities of Dinagyang. The company is actively involved in the growth and progress of the province, contributing to its development through world-class and sustainable communities such as Savannah at Georgia, Camella Iloilo, and Vidalia by Asterra.

Savannah is the estate’s laidback, more neighborly, and suburban node. Much like the Georgian city it is inspired by, this charming escape offers a sprawling horizontal residential development, a FIFA standard football field, and a church. There will also be a second commercial development, to give Georgia’s residents a plethora of leisure and entertainment choices.  Savannah’s building style, in keeping with the development’s inspiration, will continue to pay homage to the breathtaking colonial architecture and landscapes well-preserved in the deep South.

These residential areas offer comfortable living spaces and foster a strong sense of belonging and cultural appreciation among the residents. 

To know more about Savannah and Camella’s developments in Iloilo, visit Keep updated with the latest news by checking out @CamellaOfficial.

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