A Champion’s Homecoming: Camella Welcomes Starstruck Season 7 Winner

Shayve Sava, the winner of Starstruck Season 7
Shayve Sava, the winner of Starstruck Season 7

Shayve Sava’s story is a true inspiration for anyone who dreams big. Born and raised in the Art Capital of the Philippines, Angono in Rizal, the 21-year-old actress, singer, and model, persevered to become the ultimate female survivor of the Philippine television reality talent competition Starstruck Season 7.

In the seventh season of the reality-talent search, only the top 80 contenders were picked for a call-back. The number was further trimmed to the top 40 dreamers for a Judges Preview. Finally, only 22 contestants were retained to compete for a spot in the final round. The final four vied in a series of challenges for the Ultimate Survivors titles.

With Shayve’s incredible talent and sweet disposition capturing the hearts of many Filipino audiences, Shayne’s triumph demonstrates the incredible transformative power of dreams turning into realities, hard work, and dedication.

Camella awards the winner of Starstruck Season 7 with a brand new house and lot
Camella awards the winner of Starstruck Season 7 with a brand new house and lot

As season 7’s ultimate female survivor, Shayve will be receiving cash rewards, an exclusive management contract from GMA Network and a brand new house and lot from Camella in her preferred location.

Camella is the country’s most preferred homebuilder and flagship brand of Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., the leading integrated property developer in the Philippines. It is committed to creating thriving communities that foster Filipino family and community life, values that resonate with Shayne’s journey to stardom. Recognizing her hard work and success, she has been awarded a milestone that symbolizes the realization of her dreams and a bright future ahead.

Camella’s triumphant performance at Lamudi: The Outlook 2023 Philippine Real Estate Awards as Developer of the Year in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, and Best Premium House in Mindanao reflects its dedication to setting new standards in the industry, further solidifying its reputation as a premier developer and a symbol of excellence in the real estate market. These recognitions underscore Camella’s unwavering dedication to providing quality and comfortable living spaces to its discerning clientele.

With close to 50 years of building experience and pioneering concept leadership. Its focus is on building communities that embody innovation and progress with family and community life in mind, creating a legacy of value for generations. 

This token of appreciation is one of the many lifelong dreams Camella has fulfilled in nearly five decades. With over 500,000 homes built across 49 provinces and 149 key cities and municipalities nationwide, the country’s biggest housing brand persists in empowering every Filipino to attain homeownership and possess a tangible asset that promises significant returns.

Camella’s enduring success is not solely measured by the number of homes it has built but by its unwavering dedication to progress, innovation, and enhancing the lives of Filipino families. Each development serves as a catalyst for an improved quality of life, providing a backdrop where residents can pursue their dreams, achieve success, celebrate milestones, and create lasting memories. Shayne, now a role model for many, exemplifies the positive impact that a supportive and inspiring community can have on one’s journey.

As Shayne’s star continues to rise, Camella remains committed to excellence, delivering quality homes that every Filipino deserves. Camella’s offerings promise hope for those seeking a place they can call their own and a community where dreams can be nurtured and prosper.

Join the journey of dreams realized and futures unlocked with Camella. To know more about their communities nationwide, visit www.camella.com.ph. Like and follow @CamellaOfficial on Facebook and  Instagram for news and updates.

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