The Redefinition of “Best”: Camella constantly evolving

Camella, the country’s largest homebuilder, with over 400,000 homes built all over the country, has maintained its leadership position in the industry by constantly evolving to provide the best in community development technology for Filipino families.

After marking its 40th year in 2017, Camella aggressively marches forward this 2018 with its aim to build even better homes for even more families. “As a property developer approaching the next stage in its evolution, Camella continues to step up its game by constantly seeking for and applying improvements instituted in all aspects of our operations,“ said Vista Land Chairman Manuel B. Villar, Jr. “To be considered the best at what you do, you have to continuously redefine the meaning of ‘best’. And that is exactly what we strive for in Camella,” Villar added.

Building on better landscapes

For the past 4 decades, Camella has always prided itself for the painstaking process it undergoes to find excellent locations for land development. In order to continue building the best communities over time, Camella has grown more and more selective of the land it targets to develop. With each prospect area undergoing a more rigid land selection process via the planning teams and research agencies it engages, Camella has further emphasized the significance of expertly-selected areas most feasible for residential development.

More than just having access to a broader market, among the greatest considerations Camella considers in its land selection process are locations that can guarantee safety and security of residents. With the establishment of a new team of geologists to aid in the analysis of prospect areas, Camella has not only strengthened its group of in-house experts, but also ensured that its projects meet all safety requirements. 

With this new organic team on-call, Camella will be conducting even more comprehensive studies in land development through its Engineering Geologic and Geohazard Assessment Report (EGGA). Directed by the new firmer guidelines of EGGA, Camella’s current line-up of prospect locations have already began the process of thorough inspections to verify if these new locations are feasible for development, and are able to withstand possible adverse events brought about by natural occurrences.

Building Beyond Standards

Selecting excellent locations for Filipino families to live and invest in is one of the pillars that Camella keeps in mind when building residential developments. Over the years, it has developed more than a hundred communities that are self-sustaining, easily accessible, and safe. Apart from a rigid land selection process, Camella has also recently integrated further improvements in its land development design parameters to increase the quality and safety of its communities. Meant to counteract the adverse effects of natural occurrences such as water build up common in many areas in the Philippines, Camella continues to improve and apply this process with each communty it builds.

One example of these new technologies is the development of Camella’s own creek channel realignment system that ensures better drainage in its communities. This newly improved technology is supported by a sprawling network of surface storage facilities that provide flood control by holding stormwater runoff that it releases it through a specially designed outlets. As added support to this network, Camella also increases its lands’ capacity to withstand flooding through a series of specially-designed valves that are designed to regulate the flow and pressure of water.  

These constantly evolving methods applied to its community developments are proof of Camella’s determination to build more innovative communities, and its drive to go beyond current benchmarks of land development. 

Integrating Improvements in House Specs

Apart from continued innovations in developing its properties, Camella also sees to it that its portfolio of house models are in constant evolution as well. In order to stay true to this promise, Camella constantly institutes the upgrading of its house specs, allowing it to apply newer available technology to each new generation of houses it builds.

In a recently announced partnership with its retail affiliate, ALLHome, Camella’s new homes will be furnished with enhanced kitchen areas, bathrooms and paved driveways. Part of these newest set of enhancements include the substitution of main doors to steel doors, installation of bidets and telephone showers, and improved locksets, outlets and light switches.

Camella understands that for Filipinos, a home is both a lifetime investment and a legacy to future generations. Always striving to furnish its houses with improved specifications while ensuring to keep the prices of its homes within reach of consumers, is Camella’s way of ensuring the full satisfaction of Filipino families who wish to invest in their dream homes.

Expansion to more locations

As the largest housing brand in terms of geographic reach, Camella continues to pursue its goal of housing a million families in the coming years by expanding its already impressive portfolio to more locations outside Mega Manila. 

As it expands its reach, Camella will transform its house and lot projects into complete mixed-use community developments by building more commercial centers, office buildings, schools, hospitals, and other community establishments alongside its residential projects.  As more and more families choose to purchase homes in suburban areas around the country’s key metros, Camella grows increasingly optimistic in expanding its portfolio of masterplanned communities to even more provinces.

“I am confident in Camella’s prospects, particularly in expanding to areas with people moving closer to the already growing number of business centers and economic hubs in the Philippines, while choosing better built, yet affordable homes in the nearby suburbs,” said Villar. “As the company continues to grow and innovate in the coming years, I am looking forward to the progressive evolution we will trigger in the housing industry.” 

Constant evolution in a growing industry is inevitable, particularly in a time where accessibility, availability, and convenience are key to unlocking a rapidly changing market. The integration of lifestyle centers into Camella’s masterplanned community model, along with the improvements made in its land development technology and in its house specs, all come together to allow Camella’s to achieve goal of constantly providing the best quality of life possible for Filipinos all over the country.

Camella is a subsidiary of Vista Land & Lifescapes, one of the Philippines’ leading integrated property developer and the largest homebuilder. To date, Camella is present in 46 provinces and in more than 130 cities and municipalities—the largest geographic reach for a property developer in the Philippines. 

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