Standard Tools a Dad Should Have at Home for Small Repairs

Celebrating father’s day is just around the corner. It is now high time to plan what’s the perfect gift to give to your dad. Perhaps, as you are reading this blog, you are thinking of giving him a new pair of socks, a tie, or a watch. However, what if there’s a better way for you to express love, respect, and tribute? What if you shift into a new scheme, and instead of buying gifts, you will spend more quality time with him?

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Must-have tools for Dads

Learn about the standard tools every dad should have at home, so you will also get the gist of dad’s work. If you have a house and lot unit with a provision for carports like Camella Greta and Freya, you will enjoy the fun that learning could bring.   

Therefore, should you resort to this type of gift, here are some of the most common tools that you should know as they can help every dad quickly repair problems at home:  


One of the most common hand tools used by dads is screwdrivers. It is a hand-operated tool for turning screws in remote control, washing machine, electric fans, and refrigerator. It usually comes with a rubberized or plastic handle and a shaft. Its ending tip varies from the other. Therefore, you should have at least a couple of them at home. Here are different types of screwdrivers that you can use for inserting or removing small screws:  

  • Philips Screwdriver – It is a screwdriver with a cross-like edge used for disassembling inoperative house appliances. Also, it is applicable for installing new cupboards, assembling organizers, and fixing drawers and cabinets.   
  • Flathead Screwdriver – According to its name, flathead screwdrivers have a flat tip resembling a subtracting sign. It can tighten and loosen up screws along with bolts. It is the Phillip screwdriver’s partner and should not go off without it.  
  • Torx Screwdriver – With six-pointed edges, Torx screwdrivers resemble an asterisk sign. Unlike Flathead and Phillips screwdrivers, the Torx is dad’s favorite when repairing vehicles, motorcycles, and electronics. 


If there is one specific mechanic tool that should not go off your dad’s toolbox kit, it would be a pair of wrenches. Every dad knows this is a must-go tool that completes their collaborative tool kit. Its purpose is pretty much the same as the screwdrivers, but the only difference is that it provides a grip for tightening or loosening the nuts and bolts. It comes in various shapes and sizes, but all perform the role of gripping, turning, and fastening. Learn about the different types of wrenches below to guide you and your dad in producing minor repairs:  

  • Adjustable Wrench – This wrench can hold or grip fasteners of all types and sizes. It is flexible and has a movable jaw, making it handy for small gripping fasteners like nuts and bolts.  
  • Open-ended Wrench – One distinct feature of an open-end wrench is its u-shaped or rectangular head. They are made in various sizes to cater to bolts and nuts in specific sizes.  
  • Box-ended Wrench – When your open-end wrench is not doing the work, you can use a box-ended wrench for loosening or tightening the nuts. It has six, eight, twelve, or sixteen points and is suitable for enclosing the nuts.  
  • Combination Wrench – As the name suggests, the combination wrench is a fusion or combination of a box-ended and open-ended wrench. The first end has a closed circular loop, whereas the other has an open or u-shaped form. 


Another hand tool that every dad should have at home is a set of pliers. It is a hand tool intended to hold objects firmly or even cut or shape electric wires. It is a tool that will help every honorary dad out there complete wiring problems in the house. For instance, wires can be cut, crimped, bent, or stripped if you have a perfect plier for that job. If you don’t know what to choose, or you want to help your dad with all the housework, here are the different types of pliers with their primary uses:  

  • Linesman Pliers – It is a type of flier necessary for electrical work. It has an insulated handle and a flat front perfect for twisting and cutting wires should your house or appliances have electrical problems.  
  • Needle Nose Pliers – With their long and pointy ends, needle nose pliers are easy to identify. It performs well with intricate jobs such as cutting and placing fasteners, bending wires and firmly holding the fittings.  

Fasteners and Fastening Tools  

Of course, if you already have the necessary equipment and tools to repair damages inside the house, you are also expected to get a handful of fasteners! They are small parts or devices standard in tool kits that connect the components of a project altogether. It may look small, but it is vital in securing the repaired part and firmly holds both parts. Examples of fasteners and fastening tools that you will surely need in doing minor house repairs are:  

  • Screws – Paired with screwdrivers, screws are one of the most common fastening materials used in metal or woods. Looking at it from afar, you might unknowingly take it for a hammered nail because of its short piece and pointed edge. Thus, it has a thread that makes it different from the actual pin. There are a variety of screws available in stores, so you can get a couple before starting your plan out.
  • Nails – It is a small fastener with a sharp point on one end and a flattened head. It has the goal of attaching two different objects, such as slices of old wood. Nails can be applied manually or electronically, depending on what you and your father think is the best work. You must use the hammer through striking and pounding if it’s manual. On the contrary, if you guys prefer the electronic type, you can resort to a nail gun.  
  • Bolts – Similar to a screw, the bolt is a fastener with a thread on its own body and is ideal for joining or fastening two objects that don’t have a line. In most cases, bolts come along with another fastener called nuts.  
  • Nuts – A hexagonal fastener usually comes along with the bolts. Its job is to permanently prevent the pieces of wood from constantly swinging or swaying. It anchors itself into the metal or wood and has a distinct hole in the center.  
  • Washer – It is a flattened piece of metal in a circular shape with a medium hole at the center, which helps evenly distribute the force is coming off the screw. Also, it relieves friction and prevents any form of corrosion and leakage.   
  • Hammer – A tool that comes hand-in-hand with the nails is a hammer. Dads can use it to repair small deformations in the house or pull the excess nails in the wall or floors. It is also vital for assembling or making house furniture, so make sure your dad gets a good pair.  

Measuring and Marking Tools  

Getting to notice the things you need to repair inside your house might be challenging if you do not have the proper measuring and marking tools. These handy tools will allow you to accurately and precisely measure objects. It will tell you how what sizes or shapes will best fit and what doesn’t. You can save yourself from repeatedly resizing the project with an arsenal of tools. If you don’t know what to buy, here are some of the measuring and marking tools you can find in malls like Vista Mall and All Home:  

  • Ruler — A standard measuring tool even in school supplies is a wooden, metal, or plastic ruler. It is long enough to measure an object’s length and width through inches or centimeters. Furthermore, rulers have various sizes, like a typical 12 inches ruler or a 1-meter length.  
  • Speed Square — A useful marking tool vital in your carpentry tool is a rafter square or a speed square. It is a multi-purpose triangular tool that marks lines for 45-degree- and 90-degree angles, best for spotting roof pitches.  
  • Tape Measure – It is essential to measure the walls for fitting or check if the furniture is proportionally correct. If you or your dad have a pair of sturdy tape measures, you can get the accuracy of almost everything in your house. A good measuring tape will lead you a long way if you plan to install new cupboards or make small wooden furniture.  

Cutting Tools

Along with other essential tools in this list, a cutting tool is something that every dad should not miss. It is a hardened device made from heavy and hard metals. Its purpose is to cut and reshape objects inside the house, so it can help you or your dad remove excess materials from your actual house projects. Some of these cutting tools typically come in wedge shapes and sharp edges. You can see some of them below:  

  • Saw – In repairing minimal damage in your houses, you need cutting tools like a saw. It is usually long and extensive, with sturdy handles and thin blades. Its sharp teeth are what cuts through the wood or metal. A wide variety of saws are available in stores, so you must choose the perfect one for your housing project. For example, you have to get a crosscut saw for woodwork, whereas you have to get a metal saw for any project that requires the cutting of metals. Each has a corresponding usage, so ensure that you use a knife for that specific use.  

Electric Power Tools

Aside from hand tools, there are additional tools that you might need to consider should you wish to upgrade your dad’s tool kit. Power tools, for instance, are equipment that solely relies on electricity or a power source. It operates automatically, saving your dad more time, effort, and energy. Some tasks are too hard to accomplish if done through hand tools. A handful of electric power tools at home can provide him with better speed, efficiency, precision, and accuracy. If you are wondering what the three most essential power tools that he should not miss are, here’s the list of the most common and accessible power tools that you can find in any home store:  

  • Power Drill – Renovating your home or installing upper cabinets might take a few days if you do not have an electrical power tool such as a power drill. It is a motorized rotating tool that can make holes in pieces of wood, metal, and plastics. You can easily ask dad to create wall layers for your collections or paintings. 
  • Angle Grinder – Creating DIY projects is fun only if you have a handy angle grinder at home. It has several uses, such as cutting wood, sharpening tools, and polishing rough and sharp edges. It comes in different sizes, but you can use the 10 – 12 cm grinder for the most common one.  
  • Jigsaw – A list of the must-have power tool is not complete if there’s no jigsaw. It is an intermediary tool ideal for non-professional and professional workers alike. For dads, this tool will allow him to produce fantastic wood workings and furniture. This versatile tool will help him create curvy or circular patterned woods if he is a carpenter type-of-a-dad.  

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