How to Cool Off Your Pet Cats this Summer

home pet cats
home pet cats

While the majority of us, humans, are soaking with sweat and huddled in front of window air conditioner units to keep cool in the summer heat, pet cats seem to be keeping a level head about the problem.

Cats may not pant or sweat like dogs or humans, but they do have some fairly fascinating and smart ways of staying cool.

Check out these interesting methods your cat uses to stay cool throughout the hot months!

They Get More Sleep

take care of cats this summer
Take good care of cats this summer

Among all animal species, cats would be the most deserving of a prize for being the finest napper. During the warmer months, you may notice that your cat is sleeping for extended periods of time. However, it is not your cat that is sluggish. It’s your cat who’s being clever!

Cats, in contrast to their canine cousins, understand that expending additional energy in the heat would only exhaust them and make them sick. They prefer to sleep during the hottest portions of the day and to do any physical activity during the cooler sections of the day, such as the early morning or late evening.

Make certain that your cat has a comfortable spot to relax. For their summer naps, maybe they’d like a new cat bed to curl upon.

They rest on cool surfaces.

home pets
home pets

Does your cat appear to take a particular interest in your bathtub or the tiled floor behind your dining table during the warmer months?

Putting their bellies on chilly surfaces, which serve like gentle ice packs, allows cats to calm themselves down and keep their bodies cool.

During the hot summer months, make sure your cat has access to shaded, cool areas to rest on while you are away.

They take better care of themselves.

Cats do not sweat in the same way that people do, therefore they groom themselves to keep themselves cool.

When cats groom themselves in hot weather, their saliva evaporates off of their coats, cooling them down in the same way that human perspiration cools us down when it evaporates from our body!

Their fur acts as a magical barrier, so don’t get it off of them!

cute kitten home pet
cute kitten home pet

You may also notice that your cat is shedding much more. This is most likely due to the fact that they have shed their undercoats, leaving them with just an exterior coat.

You would assume that shaving your cat’s coat in the summer would be a good idea to keep them cool, but it is best to leave their coat in its natural state throughout the hot summer months.

Astonishingly beautiful — almost miraculous — in their ability to regulate their body temperature, keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You may assist your cat in grooming by brushing out any extra undercoat; however, do not shave your cat’s coat.

They Increase Their Water Consumption

Despite the fact that your cat may not be particularly adept at drinking water throughout the year, pet cats, like people, have a natural predisposition to consume more water during the warmer months. Although it seems to be self-explanatory, this is not a talent that all pets possess.

If it seems that your cat isn’t getting enough water during the hot summer months, make sure that you put several bowls of water available for him. If you believe that adding an ice cube to the water would make hydration more appealing to your cat, go ahead and do so.

You may also experiment with a cat water fountain, which will ensure that their water supply is never interrupted. This is more enticing to some pet cats than the stagnant water in their bowls.
They do, however, need assistance from time to time in maintaining their cool.

Take Care of Your Cats

When it comes to keeping their body temperature stable throughout the hot season, your cat has a lot of natural powers. However, occasionally cats need extra assistance.

The risk of heat-related injury or sickness is higher in cats with black coats, longhaired breeds, and cats with brachycephalic (short-muzzled) faces compared to the general population.

Provide your cat with clean water at all times and a cool and pleasant place to relax so that they may be healthy and contented.

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