How Overseas Filipino Workers Celebrate Christmas

How overseas Filipino workers celebrate Christmas / Image by tidty33936976, from Vecteezy
How overseas Filipino workers celebrate Christmas / Image by tidty33936976, from Vecteezy

A Filipino Christmas: How Camella Communities Embody the Spirit of Togetherness, Tradition, and Celebration

It is safe to say that many overseas Filipino workers (OFW) desire to be home for Christmas each year. As this year’s holiday season draws near, thousands of Filipinos working abroad yearn to return to the embrace of their families and communities.

The essence of celebrating Christmas lies not only in the glow of the parol and festive decorations but also in the shared warmth of reunited Filipino families.

For those who have embarked on the journey of working abroad, Christmas is not just a season. Instead, it is a deeply cherished tradition that transcends borders. 

For families, the presence of their loved ones is always better than them playing Santa Claus and sending home a balikbayan box.

Below, delve into the heartwarming ways overseas Filipino workers make the pilgrimage back home, rekindling the spirit of Christmas within their families and communities.

How overseas Filipino workers celebrate Christmas back home

During the Christmas season, Filipinos abroad, particularly overseas workers, usually come home and spend time with their families, relatives, and friends. Whether they are coming home from Asia, the Middle East, U.S. or Europe, this joyous homecoming is often full of well-loved Filipino traditions during the holiday season. 

OFWs come home to a kaleidoscope of festive activities with their loved ones. This includes the bustling streets adorned with colorful parol lanterns and the resounding notes of Christmas carols echoing through communities.

On top of these, OFWs also get to enjoy the laughter and the aroma of traditional Filipino food wafting through the air during the Christmas season. 

These become memories that serve as a reminder of the importance of family bonds and the enduring spirit that transcends the physical distance of thousand miles between Filipinos abroad and the traditions in their communities back home.

OFW Christmas back home | Image by Sunan Wongsa-nga, from Vecteezy
OFW Christmas back home | Image by Sunan Wongsa-nga, from Vecteezy

How Camella makes Filipino Christmas special in its communities

Camella communities are master-planned to match the lifestyle needs of Filipino families. It also mirrors their values and the most important things in their life. 

For many families, Filipinos overseas, this is primarily having a home where they can be sure their families are safe and well-protected within its gates.

But more than a roof over its residents’ heads, Camella fosters a community where traditional Filipino celebrations like Christmas become a community event.

Below are the ways Camella seamlessly integrates the essence of Filipino Christmas traditions within its communities.

More space for big families

Camella knows the importance of family togetherness for OFWs. Recognizing that Filipino families gather under one roof during the holidays in December, Camella offers spacious homes designed to accommodate these festive reunions. 

Picture an expansive living room where family members can gather, share stories, and even hear the Christmas mass together, children excitedly opening their small gifts, friends and relatives exchange gifts and banter, and after, everybody gathers at the long dining table for Noche Buena on Christmas Eve and Media Noche on New Year’s Eve. These precious time and activities are all doable within a Camella home.

Camella’s grand homes also offer ample rooms, so there’s the luxury of designating one specifically for the beloved karaoke machine—an integral part of Filipino celebrations. 

This way, Camella not only builds houses but also creates homes that resonate with the heartwarming traditions of Filipino families during the joyous holiday season.

Expansive outdoor spaces

Camella goes above and beyond in embracing the spirit of Filipino Christmas by thoughtfully incorporating expansive outdoor spaces within its communities. This offers families the perfect canvas for creating lasting holiday memories. 

Well-designed open areas become the backdrop for Christmas Day celebrations, enjoying the monsoon. OFWs who are home for the holidays and their families can gather under the starlit sky, enjoy the cool breeze, and create a festive atmosphere filled with laughter and love. 

These outdoor spaces are also ideal for family members who enjoy traditions sharing hearty meals, al fresco style. With these generous outdoor spaces, Camella cultivates nurturing environments where Filipino families can celebrate Christmas surrounded by the warmth of loved ones.

Accessible amenities for family gatherings

Camella further enriches the Christmas spirit within its communities by offering accessible amenities such as inviting clubhouses and pools. For OFWs and their families living in the community, this becomes the heart of their festive gatherings.

Families can come together in the comfort of a well-equipped clubhouse to celebrate the holidays in style. The availability of pools adds an extra layer of joy, providing a refreshing venue for families to relax and bond. 

With these accessible amenities, Camella not only enhances the quality of living for its residents but also fosters a sense of community.

Community events that bind

As the Christmas season draws near, Camella usually goes the extra mile to infuse its communities with the enchantment of the holidays. Within the community, Camella hosts spectacular events, including the much-anticipated Christmas tree lighting ceremony. 

This annual gathering is a radiant celebration, drawing residents together in a joyous celebration of community. Here, the dazzling lights of the Christmas tree serve as a uniting symbol of shared festivities.

These events not only mark the official start of the holiday season but also create a sense of belonging and connection among residents. This then fosters a community spirit that resonates with the true magic of Christmas. 

A dream come true

For countless OFWs, the dream of returning home to a Camella residence represents the top of their aspirations. Owning a Camella home is not just a mere possession. It symbolizes the realization of a heartfelt dream—one that takes on profound significance, especially during the Christmas season. 

For OFWs, whose yearning to return home intensifies as the holidays approach, a Camella home becomes the embodiment of the best Christmas gift imaginable. 

The prospect of celebrating the festive season in the comfort of their own Camella abode transforms the dream into a tangible reality. It becomes a haven where families can reunite, create lasting memories, and bask in the joy of the best Christmas homecoming. 

With Camella, the dream of a warm house and welcoming homecoming for the holidays becomes a cherished reality for OFWs and their families.

Holidays are sweeter in Camella

Christmas in the Philippines is a joyous event many Filipinos who work abroad look forward to. Make your holidays back home more worthwhile in Camella. Check out all the properties that could be your home, too.

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