From Ground to Sky: Unlocking New Heights in Vertical Selling with Chinkee Tan

Vertical Selling with Chinkee Tan
Vertical Selling with Chinkee Tan

In the realm of real estate, a world driven by ever-changing dynamics and shifting paradigms, Camella has emerged as a steadfast beacon of innovation and excellence for nearly five decades.

From inspiring talks to vibrant cultural showcases that illuminated every facet of the celebration, Camella graced August with activities that encapsulated the spirit of our journey toward fostering communities that stand as pillars of empowerment. From cheerful thumping of feet to echoes of elevating words, Camella indeed splashed the nation with color and radiance.

This 2023, Camella celebrates its 46th year of triumph with engaging and enlightening events circling the theme Celebrating empowered communities,” reflecting Camella’s tireless commitment to nurturing communities that thrive on collective strength and collaboration.

Diving Deeper into Vertical Real Estate

As Vista Land’s flagship brand and the nation’s most trusted home builder, Camella has woven its name into the fabric of expansive horizontal communities that offer idyllic suburban living. Gracing terrains across the country, Camella’s signature developments embody a sense of community, solace, and tradition. As the real estate industry evolves and urban landscapes change, Camella has embarked on a transformative journey, delving into the realm of vertical projects, redefining its legacy, and setting new standards for modern living.

This journey mirrors our commitment to the brand’s growth and our partners’ success; hence, as part of Camella’s 46th-year celebration, we are keen on taking a spirited step toward a forward-looking future. Thus, last August 24, 2023, Camella hosted an exclusive online seminar for our esteemed sellers and business partners. The event bore the banner “Mastering the art of vertical selling,” a curation to provide essential insights and tools for their success in the vertical real estate market.

Mastering the Art of Vertical Selling as Told by Chinkee Tan

Amidst the digital embrace, the seminar’s virtual stage welcomed the insightful voice of Chinkee Tan. With an intense rush of flowing ideas, the financial coach and author emphasized the significance of expanding one’s psychological wallet and the crucial role of embracing innovation – the art of thinking fresh and exploring new avenues. Here’s a leisurely walk through the highlights of the 4-hour enriching webinar.

Innovate to Double Your Income

“Innovate or Evaporate” — three words that surely struck the attendees as Chinkee emphasized continuous innovation in business. The statement captures the essence of our dynamic world— where creative evolution propels us forward, like a stream of fresh ideas. Like how still water dissipates, embracing innovation ensures a vibrant existence amidst change’s constant flow. Chinkee reminded everyone that innovations are essential to stay afloat in the harsh tides of life. The speaker explained that being able to innovate is crucial to businesses (and can also be applied on a personal note) due to how innovation is a factor that sets one company apart from its competitors.

Nothing is Permanent (except change), but that’s Okay

“The only thing that is permanent in this world is change….” In a rapidly evolving market, it’s either you learn to adapt or fade away. A concept to keep in the corner of your mind, especially today when trends come and go like lightning. Learning to value and acknowledge that nothing is permanent and that things and situations are ever-changing will put you into a mindset that pushes you to place greater value on the things you do, your actions, and the steps you take toward your goals.

The Formula to Financial Growth

MINDSET + ACTION = RESULT — Chinkee pointed out the formula to financial growth, the equation for achieving your desired outcome. “Once you increase the size of your psychological wallet, your income will also increase…” said the speaker. Your mindset will take you wherever you wish to be. Chinkee also stressed that if you want to broaden your psychological wallet, the first step is to avoid negative people who do not respect your career and your dreams. Stay away from people who don’t see you living your aspirations.

Instead, the finance coach emphasized that if you wish to succeed, learn. Get familiar with your work, clients, target consumers, industry, and ultimately – money. Know how money works, “know the system of the rich….” the speaker emitted. Surround yourself with those who know money and can help you get acquainted with the system of money.

Hence, having a positive attitude even when facing challenges and having the ability to foresee and come up with ways to take action and straighten things out leads to positive results. As Chinkee Tan mentioned, “positive mindset + positive action = positive results.”

The recently concluded webinar is an excellent trail for recognizing our team, business partners, and investors who have been vital to Camella’s success by providing them significant tools and wisdom for their holistic conquest in the real estate industry. Camella aspired to commemorate the special day by honoring past achievements and taking a significant step toward shaping the future.

The journey of selling real estate has evolved from mere transactions to an impactful art form that molds the dreams and lives of people. Hence, Camella, alongside our investors and business partners, strides forward to forge futures, nurture growth, and craft a legacy that amplifies empowered communities, forming an unshakable foundation for a brighter tomorrow.

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