Every Dream is a Blueprint: Villar SIPAG 12th OFW Summit Brings Every Kababayan Closer to Their Dream

Who is your hero?

A Filipino word describing someone who bears courage, fortitude, and determination. He is a bayani, or hero, inspiring others, with their legacy of selflessness living on in our hearts.

Heroes can emerge in various forms, including creations of fiction from popular franchises like Marvel or DC comic books. These characters are often depicted as having humble beginnings and upstanding traits before being endowed with special powers to fight for world peace and the cause of the down-and-outers. Some heroes are said to come from alternate universes and are sent to Earth to protect people from dangerous forces.

As one progresses through elementary and high school, they are introduced to historical figures who have played pivotal roles in saving their nation from wars and crises. These figures serve as a testament to how bravery and resilience can shape one’s aspirations and serve as a source of inspiration for pursuing one’s dreams despite trials and tribulations.

Returning to the question of one’s hero, while there are countless possible answers, there is one hero who stands out at present: the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). These individuals are revered as heroes for their significant contributions to the nation’s economy and their unwavering commitment to providing a better life for their families despite their challenges while working abroad.

Modern-Day Heroes and Pillar of the Economy

OFWs are Filipinos who leave their homeland to work abroad to gain and provide a better life for the loved ones they left back home. These unsung modern-day heroes, over the years, have played a pivotal role in the economic growth and development of the country through remittances they send back home to sustain their families. 

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) excel in various professional fields, including healthcare. They are highly sought-after professionals worldwide for their hospitality, dedication, and willingness to care for those in need. Many OFWs work in the healthcare sector abroad, providing invaluable support during illness, recovery, and end-of-life care, even during global health crises.

Beyond their economic contributions, OFWs serve as cultural ambassadors, showcasing the rich culture and values of the Philippines in their host countries, which fosters international understanding and appreciation for Filipino traditions. Despite the challenges of being an OFW, such as discrimination and extended work conditions, their resilience and determination are a source of inspiration for their families and their country.

OFWs epitomize the concept of heroes through their unwavering commitment to providing their families with the best possible life. Parents leave their children behind to provide for them, while sons and daughters venture abroad to support their families and pursue their dreams. Despite spending years far from home, their determination ensures the safety and security of their loved ones back in the Philippines.

The Villar Social Institute for Poverty Alleviation and Governance (SIPAG), spearheaded by Vista Land founder and chairman Manny B. Villar and his wife, Senator Cynthia A. Villar, has consistently recognized the sacrifices and hard work of Overseas Filipino Workers.

Rooted in a mission focused on poverty alleviation and community development, Villar SIPAG acknowledges the vital role of OFWs in these endeavors. To commemorate the sacrifices and dedication of these outstanding individuals, who are among the country’s pride, the foundation organizes an annual event that celebrates their contributions and achievements.

The Annual OFW and Family Summit 

Villar Foundation OFW Summit 2023
Villar Foundation OFW Summit 2023

Now on its 12th year, the Annual OFW and Family Summit by Villar SIPAG is a profound testament recognizing, celebrating, and supporting the steadfast dedication of Overseas Filipino Workers. The event acknowledges the meaningful sacrifices made by OFWs and offers practical financial guidance, fostering a strong sense of community and empowerment.

The 12th Villar SIPAG OFW and Family Summit

The 12th OFW and Family Summit will be held on November 10, 2023, at The Tent at Vista Global South, Las Piñas City. Guided by the theme “Masaganang Kabuhayan Para sa OFW and Families” (Prosperous Livelihood for OFWs and their Families), the event promises to be a significant gathering dedicated to the well-being and future prosperity of our Overseas Filipino Workers and their families.

The summit will be open to OFWs or any of their family members. Those interested can easily register through any of the following options:

  1. Register online at http://ofwsummit2023.villarsipag.org.
  2. Scan the QR code seen on the event’s official poster.
  3. Head to any OFW and Family Summit desks at any VistaMall and Starmall branches nationwide.
  4. Register on-site on the day of the event. 

Those who wish to register for the 12th OFW and Family Summit should bring the following:

  1. Copy of the OFW passport or a copy of their OFW relative’s passport with a valid work visa
  2. Proof of remittances sent or received
  3. Seaman’s Book (if applicable)
  4. Job contract
  5. Government-issued identification card
  6. Proof of kinship to the OFW (e.g., Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate)
  7. COVID-19 vaccination card completed up to the second dose

Once registration is completed, await a verification message sent to the registered email or mobile number. Registering for the 12th OFW and Family Summit not only grants admission but also enters into a chance to win an array of exciting prizes, including the kabuhayan showcase from AllDay Supermarket, home appliances from AllHome, two motorcycles from Petron, and the grand prize—a Camella house and lot! 

Take advantage of this opportunity to be part of something extraordinary.

Camella: From Dreams to Blueprints

The eager anticipation for the 12th OFW and Family Summit is a poignant reminder of the event’s resounding significance for Overseas Filipino Workers and their families. The summit celebrates their unwavering commitment, dedication, and sacrifice towards a better future. 

The grand prize, a Camella house and lot, perfectly embodies the company values and underscores the importance of creating a nurturing and lasting space for families to thrive. A Camella house and lot represents the aspirations of the hardworking OFWs, who strive to provide their loved ones with a secure and loving environment that will stand the test of time. 

This event is not only about recognizing the heroes who work hard overseas but also about ensuring that their families, here and now, can enjoy a forever home that serves as a testament to their unyielding dedication to one another. The 12th OFW and Family Summit provides an opportunity, under the roof of a Camella house and lot, to celebrate family bonds, honor the hard work and dedication of the OFWs, and envision a brighter future together. The event serves as a platform to inspire hope and empower OFWs and their families to pursue a prosperous and fulfilling life.

Through this summit, Villar SIPAG plays a pivotal role in honoring and uplifting the heroes who have significantly contributed to the Philippines and its people. It is a heartwarming example of how organizations can give back to those who sacrifice so much for the betterment of the country.

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