Camella to Launch AR3D App to Help Envision Your New Home

Camella, the top housing developer in the Philippines, will launch the Camella AR3D App to benefit the home builder’s property sellers, as well as clients, with enhanced digital experience using smartphones.

Augmented reality with 3D visualization (AR3D) in the real estate industry is a game-changer that continues to change how houses are viewed, bought, and sold. It creates seamless, innovative, and superior customer service. With AR3D, it would be much easier for homebuyers to envision how they could live in a house and more convenient for sellers to present the properties.

Only few real estate developers in the Philippines are tapping into virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D visualization. However, since the flagship brand of Vista Land and Lifescapes Inc. is committed in giving the best services, Camella considered that more and more homebuyers are using mobile phones. To support sellers and assist interested buyers, especially OFWs, businessmen, and any client who is unavailable for actual viewing of house models, Camella will soon offer AR3D App with these four benefits, among many others.

1. Ease of presentation

Presenting to interested buyers with Camella AR3D App saves time and stress. With this technology, realtors can show a visual narrative of the house and lot. Most of the information that the clients need to know in a house are indicated in the app, including types of houses in 3D, floor plans, 360-degree view of interiors of the actual house models, home features, house specifications, and even the prices of homes. The app is also linkable to the Camella website to explore further details. 

2. Realistic

For interested buyers, Camella AR3D App lets you immerse yourself in a home even though you are miles away. It features 3D visualization of house units and 360-degree panoramic view of the interior, where users can experience living inside the house, like a walkthrough. It is like taking a tour in a house without the hassle of traveling to a place and visiting the actual house models. Identifying and choosing a home perfect for you with this mobile app is so much easier.

3. Easy access

Being an AR-type mobile application, the user only needs a logo of Camella or Lessandra–a more affordable house series of Camella–which can be both downloaded online or seen in various areas in the Philippines. For a hassle-free experience, Camella AR3D App can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

4. Does not take too much space

Camella AR3D App does not require a huge storage capacity, as it is only 141 MB. Once downloaded and opened, users don’t need to have Internet data to use the mobile app. Users can access it offline. 

These are only few of more advantages of the Camella AR3D App. This technology will also bring the listings to life with a virtual journey that is memorable, intuitive, and meaningful to the end-users. As technology advances, Camella continues to innovate and improve in order to provide the best services for the property sellers, as well as come up with new ways to engage and connect with the clients and homeowners.

By August 2019, the Camella AR3D App is expected to be completely rolled out and available worldwide in iOS and Android for free.

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