Best Gifts To Give Your Lolo and Lola on Grandparents Day

Best gifts to give your grandparents on their special day

Grandparents are pillars of each Filipino family. A typical family day in the Philippines would consist of great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, and even their children’s children.

Older generations are well-respected and cared for, passing on their wisdom and love to the next generations. However, there aren’t many special events celebrating grandparents.

National Grandparents Day on September 10th is the perfect opportunity to make more fond memories with your beloved grandparents. This is celebrated every Sunday after Labor Day in the U.S. While it originated in America, the rest of the world has embraced the holiday.

The History of National Grandparents Day

Before you celebrate National Grandparents Day, it’s good to learn about its history. There are two people whose important role and efforts in shaping this special should be recognized: Jacob Reingold and Marian McQuade.

The Unofficial Grandparents Day in the US

National Grandparents Day started when Jacob Reingold, a resident in one of America’s nursing homes, started an initiative to honor grandparents. On September 16, 1961, Reingold organized the first unofficial Grandparents Day in Hebrew Home.

He was spurred to action by a speech about the “new image of the aged” during the White House Conference on Aging in that same year.

Year after year, the home and its neighboring nursing homes celebrated Grandparents Day. By 1963, it became a national public holiday in the Bronx, New York. Reingold’s efforts were amplified even further when West Virginia’s Marian McQuade jumpstarted a campaign to establish an official holiday to honor grandparents in 1970.

McQuade worked hard to connect with political and civic leaders to create a statewide campaign for this day. She was successful in this endeavor, and by 1973, the first official Grandparents Day was celebrated in West Virginia. The event came after a proclamation by then-governor Arch Moore.

Official National Grandparents Day

In support of their work and to make the public holiday official each September, the 1987 U.S. Congress under President Jimmy Carter passed a proclamation marking every first Sunday of September after Labor Day, the ‘National Grandparents Day.”

President Jimmy Carter hoped that this new holiday would help families become more aware of the importance of elderly people in society. Given the success and the worldwide recognition, the proclamation of National Grandparents Day is indeed an effective and special day in September.

Is National Grandparents Day a Public Holiday in the Philippines?

To put it simply, National Grandparents Day is celebrated in the Philippines, but it is not a non-working national holiday. It may not be celebrated on the second Sunday after Labor Day in the country (which falls in May), but the country celebrates it on the second Sunday in September.

It has become the perfect opportunity for Filipinos to honor grandparents of all kinds. In fact, this has become a special day to honor not just our lolo and lola, but all elderly people in our lives, including grandparent figures, relatives who are senior citizens, and even step-grandparents.

Best Gift Ideas for your Grandparents

If you want to make this year’s National Grandparents Day an even more special event, here are some gift ideas your grandparents will love:

Handwritten Letters or Cards

Grandparents play an instrumental role in continuing to help not just their adult children, but also their grandchildren. They spend time assisting their children who have become parents, sometimes helping raise generations of their families. It’s not unusual to see grandma and grandpa taking their grandchildren to and from school.

What better way to let them know how appreciated they are than through a heartfelt letter or card? Talk about how you value them in your life and let them know that you love them.

Grandparents cherish handmade presents, especially when you get creative and spend time personalizing these cards. Of course, don’t forget to give them a big hug when you give them your letters.

Home-Cooked Meal

A typical Filipino family eats together on Sundays. On their special day, prepare an extra special Sunday dinner using a family recipe by grandma or cook a dish in your grandparents’ favorite way. You can even make it a group activity by getting everyone–from your grandparents to the young children–to help in the kitchen.

Celebrating around food can help your family bond and create memories to last a lifetime.

Customized Calendar

Create a personalized calendar with family photos and important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. You can also include helpful dates such as doctor’s visits or even free medical checkups to help ensure their health. Mark the days when you’re going for a visit.

A customized calendar helps both the grandparent and yourself keep track of each other’s life. Of course, mark the special Sunday in September so they can look forward to Grandparents Day every year.

A Day Out

At your grandparents’ age, it can get quite lonely and isolating. Most grandparents don’t have a big social circle to go out and do things with, so get all the grandchildren together and take your grandparents on a day out. You can go to your favorite restaurants, treat your grandmother to a salon day, or your grandfather to a golf day.

Better yet, make it a Sunday tradition to spend time together.

Fresh Flowers (Forget-Me-Not)

Flowers are sure to bring smiles to most grandparents. Make sure to include forget-me-nots when you’re picking out flowers. Forget-me-not is the official flower for Grandparents Day, and they’re incredibly beautiful blooms, too.

It can be a misconception that flowers are only meant for a grandmother, but even a grandpa will appreciate the sentiment.

A Song Dedication

A music-loving grandparent will remember a song you dedicate to them throughout their life. There may be countless songs to dedicate, but nothing could be better than the official song for National Grandparents Day: ‘A Song for Grandma and Grandpa‘ by Johnny Prill.

This official song was written specifically for this special day, and the words are sure to hit home. It talks about all the love and wisdom grandparents give to their children and grandchildren. Sing this song to your grandparents to let them know how much they mean to you.

A Perfect Day at Home in Camella

You don’t have to go out at all to celebrate Grandparents Day. You can spend a relaxing day at home doing your favorite activities together in Camella. You can cook delicious meals, spend the day gardening, or take a gentle walk along our spacious outdoor areas.

At Camella, we appreciate and acknowledge the guidance older people have provided for generations.

We make sure that everyday life for grandparents is fulfilling and rewarding. Our homes are intricately designed to provide ample space for multi-generational families. Plus, there’s never a shortage of family activities you can do at Camella amenities.

Each Camella development features spaces like our clubhouse, playgrounds, and activity centers where you can celebrate Grandparents Day and more.

Beyond Grandparent’s Day festivities each September, every day is a special event in Camella.

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