Gateway to the Philippines: United Airlines’ Manila to San Francisco Flights

United Airlines’ Inaugural Flight Linking San Francisco (SFO) and Manila (MNL)

United Airlines has recently made aviation history by launching daily nonstop flights from Manila to San Francisco, California. This milestone represents a significant achievement for the airline and establishes the only direct service between the two locations by an American carrier.

Image from United Airlines Official X account
Image from United Airlines Official X account

Historic Inaugural Flight

The inaugural Manila-San Francisco flight of United Airlines touched down at the Manila International Airport (MIA) Terminal 3, formerly known as the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), late October this year.

The arrival of this nonstop service, a 15-hour journey, was met with enthusiasm and described by Transportation Undersecretary for Aviation and Airports Roberto Cecilio Lim as “historic.”

Upon arrival, the passengers were welcomed with a water cannon salute, welcome leis, traditional snacks, and dried mangoes, and passengers were further serenaded by a rondalla ensemble as a showcase of warm Filipino hospitality.

This achievement underscores the robust bilateral relations between the United States and the Philippines. With the new United Airlines Manila to San Francisco flights, the growing importance of air connectivity between the two countries was emphasized.

Positive Passenger Response

Earlier this year, United Airlines, through its Regional Director of Sales for Greater China, Korea, and Southeast Asia, Wally Dias, reported that there is an overwhelming demand for San Francisco to Manila and Manila to San Francisco flights, making it one of the most requested routes in the airline’s history.

This demand pushed United Airlines to operate daily direct United flights, offering 60 seats in the United Polaris business cabin, 24 in the United Premium Plus cabin, and 266 in the United Economy class.

Passengers on this transpacific journey can also savor Filipino-inspired meals, enhancing the overall travel experience. Dias also pointed out that with this new nonstop service, passengers of flights from Manila can also enjoy the convenience of one-stop flights to 70 destinations in the mainland U.S., Canada, and Latin America via their San Francisco hub.

Tourism Initiatives

In collaboration with the Philippine Department of Tourism – San Francisco (PDOT-SFO), Tourism Attaché Soleil Tropicales has unveiled plans for a familiarization trip with United Airlines in the coming year.

This initiative aims to promote and showcase the new direct route, contributing to tourism growth between the two destinations.

Expansion into Asia-Pacific

The Manila route marks United Airlines’ 16th non-stop destination from the United States to the Asia-Pacific region. Simultaneously, on October 28, the airline expanded its services by launching additional routes to Hong Kong and Tokyo (Narita), Japan, further solidifying its presence in the region.

Warm Send-off Ceremony

Prior to the inaugural flight, the PDOT-SFO organized an intimate send-off ceremony. Passengers, pilots, and crew were treated to Filipino folk dance performances, traditional snacks, and a display of treats typically found in a sari-sari store before the flight departed from San Francisco International Airport.

As a token of appreciation, “Love the Philippines” tote bags and destination brochures were presented, creating a sense of camaraderie and promoting the rich culture of the Philippines.

United Airlines’ introduction of daily non-stop flights between Manila and San Francisco not only signifies a landmark achievement in aviation but also contributes to strengthening cultural and economic ties between the United States and the Philippines.

This development is poised to facilitate increased travel and collaboration between the two nations, fostering a closer relationship on various fronts.

Unlocking Opportunities: Advantages of the SFO-MNL Direct Flight for the Real Estate Industry

There is no doubt that the inauguration of the San Francisco to Manila route will not only impact the aviation industry but also several sectors, especially within the Philippines. On top of these sectors is the real estate industry.

Increased Business Connectivity

The introduction of the San Francisco to Manila direct flight creates a bridge between the business hubs of the United States and the Philippines. This enhanced connectivity is likely to stimulate business collaborations, attracting professionals and entrepreneurs from both regions.

As a result, the demand for office spaces and commercial real estate in key metropolitan areas could experience a positive surge.

Global Investment and Development

With improved accessibility, the real estate market in Manila becomes more attractive to international investors, particularly those from the United States. The direct flight not only facilitates easier travel for property investors but also encourages the exploration of real estate development opportunities.

This could lead to an influx of foreign capital, fostering growth and diversification in the Philippine real estate landscape.

Rise in Tourism and Hospitality Demand

The aviation link between San Francisco and Manila is expected to boost tourism, welcoming a higher number of American visitors to the Philippines. This surge in tourist arrivals may create a demand for short-term accommodation, such as hotels and vacation rentals.

As a response, the hospitality and real estate sector is likely to witness increased investments, presenting opportunities to capitalize on this growing trend.

Expanding Expat Community

The direct flight facilitates easier relocation for expatriates between San Francisco and Manila. The appeal of direct connectivity can attract a thriving expat community, creating a demand for residential properties.

This shift could lead to a rise in the demand for housing, ranging from apartments to high-end residences, as expatriates seek comfortable and convenient living options in Manila.

Cultural and Educational Exchange

Improved accessibility fosters cultural exchange and educational opportunities between San Francisco and Manila.

The potential increase in students studying abroad and professionals seeking educational programs can drive the demand for rental properties near educational institutions. Real estate developers may find opportunities in catering to this specific demographic, enhancing the rental market in these areas.

Boost to Secondary Real Estate Markets

While major cities may experience immediate impacts, the benefits of the direct flight can extend to secondary real estate markets. As connectivity improves, areas surrounding airports and transportation hubs may witness increased demand for commercial and residential properties.

This can lead to the development of satellite communities, providing additional opportunities for real estate growth.

Infrastructure Development

Anticipating the potential growth in demand for real estate, local authorities may prioritize infrastructure development. Enhanced transportation links, improved roads, and other infrastructure projects become more likely as the region adapts to the increased economic and social activities.

This, in turn, adds value to surrounding real estate and contributes to overall urban development.

Camella Vertical and Horizontal Projects

The introduction of the San Francisco to Manila direct flight not only simplifies travel but also acts as a catalyst for multifaceted growth, particularly in the real estate sector. From increased business opportunities to a surge in tourism and cultural exchange, the advantages are poised to create a ripple effect, benefiting the real estate industry and the broader economy alike.

Real estate professionals and investors would do well to stay attuned to these evolving trends and position themselves to harness the potential benefits that come with this newfound connectivity.

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