Earth Hour 2024: A Moment of Reflection and Action for the Future of the Planet

In an annual global effort to combat the climate crisis, people worldwide joined forces for Earth Hour, one of the most significant grassroots movements to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire collective action. Since its inception in 2007, Earth Hour has symbolized unity by switching off non-essential lights for one hour, sending a powerful message about the importance of energy conservation and environmental action. Embracing this ethos, Camella, the Philippines’ largest homebuilder, participated in Earth Hour 2024 with a campaign titled “Environmentally Resilient Communities for Our Shared Home.”

Environmentally Resilient Communities for Our Shared Home

The Earth Hour 2024 campaign kicked off with a webinar featuring Engr. Robert Pereja, Chief Operations Officer of PAVI Green, discusses the pivotal role of corporate carbon reduction in combating climate change. This informative session empowered participants to understand how individual actions and corporate initiatives could drive significant environmental impact. The speaker detailed various environmental strategies that every company nationwide should adopt, from in-house practices to supply chain management. This webinar effectively laid the groundwork for initiating a campaign focused on fostering environmentally resilient communities.

On the designated evening of Earth Hour, Camella communities united to switch off non-essential lights, symbolizing their commitment to a sustainable future. Beyond this symbolic gesture inside their homes, residents engaged in community clean-up drives and tree-planting activities, fostering a sense of collective responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Camella organized glow-in-the-dark painting activities and educational watch parties under the stars to infuse creativity and fun into the initiative. These events not only celebrated the beauty of the natural world but also strengthened community bonds.

Why Earth Hour Matters

Earth Hour is not just a symbolic action of turning off lights for one hour but a global initiative that underscores the urgent need for climate action and environmental sustainability. It educates on climate change and the significance of small, collective efforts in conserving resources, fostering a worldwide sense of unity across diverse communities, businesses, and individuals. This event encourages ongoing sustainable practices, like energy reduction and waste minimization, influencing stricter environmental policies and encouraging personal responsibility towards eco-friendly choices. Earth Hour illustrates the impact of joint action in facing global challenges, acting as a catalyst for ecological awareness and change at all levels. By participating, we help pave the way for a more sustainable, resilient future for our planet.

Camella’s Biggest Hour

Every Earth Hour marks Camella’s most significant hour in positively contributing to the future of our planet. As a leader in the Philippines’ real estate and property development sector, Camella is proud to stand alongside the World Wildlife Fund and millions worldwide in promoting environmental awareness and action. These efforts underscore the company commitment to building sustainable communities across the nation. Earth Hour serves as a reminder that even small actions, when undertaken collectively, can yield significant results in safeguarding our shared home. Camella invites individuals to join their mission in creating a more sustainable future.

Camella is the flagship brand of Vista Land, the Philippines’ leading integrated property developer. With a presence spanning 47 provinces and 149 key cities and municipalities, Camella is dedicated to building beautifully designed communities across the country.

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