Different Types of Filipino Social Media Influencers

Different Types of Social Media Influencers in the Philippines

Content creation is one of the most lucrative and successful digital initiatives for Filipino influencers to reach their followers, promote their own brands, and expand their influence.

Some online persona are so popular and influential that they’re also referred to as key opinion leaders (KOL) since they can lead and sway the perspectives of fans within their specific niche and target audience.

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, the Philippines has positioned itself as a global powerhouse, boasting the largest online video consumption and influencer following worldwide.

The Filipino Social Media Influence Phenomenon:

According to a report by Meltwater and We Are Social, the Philippines ranks number one in the world for most online video consumption and influencer marketing following.

Hundreds of thousands of Filipino internet users (97.2%) aged 16-64 consume online videos, some of which are created by top influencers.

A sizable chunk of the loyal audience, about 50.7% watch influencer vlogs on their respective YouTube channel and other platforms that allow high-quality content. This is 23.8% higher than the global average.

The country’s fascination with the influencer marketing culture and influencer-generated content has given rise to hundreds of well-known KOL and influencer types.

In the Philippines, loyal followers are as diverse as the influencers that they follow. In fact, not all influencers aim to reach the same audience.

Depending on their follower count, niche, expertise, and brand, they may have specific engagement strategies.

The success of influencers in the Philippines can be attributed to several factors, including relatability, cultural relevance, and the ability to create authentic connections with their followers.

Why Are Influencers Successful in the Philippines?

1. Cultural Relevance

Influencers who understand and integrate local traditions, crafts, values, and colloquial expressions into their content resonate strongly with the Filipino audience. This cultural relevance establishes a connection that goes beyond mere online presence.

2. Visual Appeal

The Philippines, known for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, provides influencers with a visually stunning backdrop for their content.

This visual appeal contributes to the engaging and shareable nature of their posts, especially on Instagram. You may explore diverse content from lifestyle influencers, then elevate experience with Snapinsta‘s versatile features. Seamlessly download, share, and create with precision and ease.

3. Authenticity and Relatability

Unlike traditional celebrities, you can find influencers can connect with their audience on a personal level by sharing authentic experiences and insights from their daily life.

This relatability fosters a sense of trust and loyalty among their followers.

Micro Influencers and Macro Influencers

An influencer can be categorized into two groups: micro and macro influencers. The two groups are distinct because of the number of their followers and engagement.

Micro influencers have about 1,000 to 100,000 followers while macro influencers often have followers over 100,000, with some reaching over millions.

However, a higher following doesn’t necessarily mean more effective. Micro influencers, with more modest but highly engaged followers, often focus on specific niches.

These influencers are valued for their authenticity and ability to interact intimately with their followers.

A post from a micro Instagram influencer, for instance, may not have the same reach as a macro internet celebrity, but it may be more effective in persuading followers to support the brand being advertised.

4. Interactive Engagement

Today, built-in features on social networking channels, such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, can help convert a social app or software into an effective influencer marketing platform.

Some of the best influencers have built successful brands and lifestyle channels on these platforms.

Social media platforms offer both influencers and their audience of followers a direct medium to interact with each other.

Types of Social Media Influencers in the Philippines

Being online means that you’re constantly seeing influencer-led campaigns on your feed.

Whether you’re one of the millions of casual Instagram users or a dedicated fan of a lifestyle brand on YouTube, it pays to learn more about the influencers helping shape trends and popular opinions.

Here are the different types of Filipino social media influencers:

1. Beauty and Fashion Influencers

Influencers in the beauty and fashion niche dominate the Filipino social media scene, offering insights into the latest trends, beauty brands, affordable makeup recommendations, and honest reviews.

They often collaborate with cosmetic brands and fashion stylists to create engaging and branded content.

Becoming a beauty influencer is an organic progression for any fashion stylist and makeup artist. For example, Liz Uy and Raisa Contawi are both successful Instagram influencers who regularly post makeup tutorials and reviews, particularly during their earlier years.

Today, they have garnered an army of beauty fans, with beauty brands all over the world wanting to collaborate with them.

2. Lifestyle Influencers

Lifestyle influencers share glimpses of their daily lives, connecting with their audience on a personal level. These KOLs are great for influencer marketing campaigns from most brands pushing for relatability and attainability.

One example of a lifestyle personality is Kathryn Bernardo. She is considered one of the best influencers because apart from her celebrity and showbiz-related content, her Instagram account also shows snippets from her everyday life.

From healthy lifestyle choices to fashion and travel, these YouTube and Instagram influencers create content that resonates with a diverse audience.

3. Gaming Influencers

With the rise of gaming culture, influencers in the gaming niche have gained popularity. They create content ranging from gameplay videos to reviews, attracting a dedicated fan base of gamers.

You may have heard of Alodia Gosiengfiao as a lifestyle Instagram influencer, however, she’s worked her way through breaking influencer boundaries.

Today, her gaming influencer brand is lauded as one of the most popular and has widely consumed content in the Philippines.

5. Leaders and Industry Experts

Some influencers establish themselves as opinion leaders or experts in their specific fields or niche.

Whether it’s technology, business, or health, these influencers share knowledge and insights that influence people within their domain.

6. Dance and Entertainment Influencers

Influencers who create content such as dance covers, entertaining sketches, and challenges have carved a niche for themselves. They bring joy to their followers and often collaborate with other influencers for increased visibility.

Some of these influencers have successfully created their own brands, building off their influencer fame.

For example, the 8bitfiction brand is a great case study on how entertainment influencers can broaden their following by creating merch associated with their online content.

8bitfiction creates digital art and comics and has translated this into a lifestyle brand.

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