Best Gifts For Mothers Day

Best Gifts for Mothers Day | Camella
Best Gifts for Mothers Day | Camella

It’s May! And it’s time to look for the best Mother’s Day gift ideas. There are different types of moms. Some like chocolates more than flowers, there are those who enjoy watching movies over reading books, those who want to live life and hang out with friends, and those who would rather stay home.

Despite these differences, every type of mom undoubtedly has one thing in common: they appreciate any gift from their loved ones. In just a few days, we’ll celebrate an extraordinary day, paying tribute to the most amazing woman in our lives- our mothers!

From flowers and chocolates to customized and personalized gifts like handwritten letters, or even just a sweet cup of morning coffee, Mother’s Day would not be complete without showing our moms how thankful we are for all their sacrifices and continuous guidance.

Although eating out and taking our mothers on a shopping spree is a great idea, there are other ways we can show how special they are. We can gift them with simple but useful things for their everyday needs. Or treat mom by taking her on a date and spending extra special time with her. If you still need to figure out what present to give your mom for her special day, great news!

This article lists the best Mother’s Day gifts you can get for your mom that would fit her personality and lifestyle.

Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms Overseas

OFW moms are, without a doubt, one of the bravest and most selfless people on earth. Aside from having to endure the distance between them and their families, they seldom get to celebrate special occasions with their loved ones. Although looking for a present for our mothers abroad may be challenging, this should not be a reason for us to let Mother’s Day pass by without making it special for them.

A Boxful of Goodies from Home

One simple thing that an OFW mom would surely appreciate and enjoy is a balikbayan box filled with their favorite snacks from the Philippines, like a gift basket. These could include “Chocnut” and “Pillows” for moms who have a sweet tooth.

Although a balikbayan package is traditionally sent by those working and staying abroad to their relatives back home, OFW moms will surely appreciate receiving a box filled with goodies that remind them of loved ones and home.

Keeping Memories Alive

Well-kept memories are something that OFW moms hold close to their hearts. Surprise them with a thoughtful gift like a film recording player filled with photos and videos of your favorite memories together, which they can play whenever they feel homesick and tired.

Aside from this, other personal and crafty gifts will bring warmth to their day. You can channel the artist in you and create a piece dedicated to your mom, such as a portrait, a short literary composition, or even a framed collage of photos.

Heartfelt Letters

If you don’t think you are creative and crafty enough, no worries, you can always compile letters to mom for a more personalized gift. Our mom is someone we can always lean on, so we often call for them in all sorts of situations, whether in our darkest hours or our happiest days. However, for those who have OFW moms, writing to them can help. You can tell them everything, even if it’s just about how your day went or how you felt on a specific day, your new secrets, or the times when you miss them too much- you can write a letter, compile everything, and send them to your mom as a gift.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Another well-meaning gift are relaxing baths or spa sets, including bath bombs and bath salts, to help them relax after a day of exhausting work. Home goods such as bedding, kitchenware, home decors that are similar to what they have back home are also great gifts for any mom because they are practical, and she’ll surely like them!

For Sea-based Moms

If your mom is a sea-based worker, she’ll love the items on this list! Unlike land-based OFWs, sea-based workers spend most of their day sailing at sea, and although it might be extra challenging for you to reach them during Mother’s Day, you can show your appreciation any time of the year or whenever they land in any country. That said, it is great to get them gifts they can take the next time they board the ship.

One thing you can consider buying your mom on this special day are leakproof items such as a waterproof watch and a dry bag. Help them stay stylish and protected by wearing fashionable sunglasses, sun hats, and sailing gear.

You can also spoil them with gadgets such as a headlamp, speakers, and cameras. Nonetheless, Sea-based moms would surely appreciate practical presents that they can use and remind them of their loved ones while waiting for the day they once again disembark to be with their families.

For Momtrepreneurs

For those looking for a gift for their business owner moms, you have come to the right article. Looking for a gift for business owners can be tricky, considering they often have a pretty packed schedule; it may be challenging to schedule a spontaneous schedule outside work, but this list of gifts communicates the message of appreciation to your moms, even in the most subtle ways.

Relaxing “Me Time”

An excellent option for a Mother’s Day gift for busy moms, especially business owner mom, is a trip to a relaxing spa and massage day. After days and days of gruelling work, Momtrepreneurs deserve a treat to a relaxing spa, a day where they can take their minds off the responsibilities of running a company and have some alone time.

Get Organized

Another thoughtful present is something they can use in their office, such as organizers. It will help them work better in a more organized and clean space. If you have a techy mom, the best gift you can get them is an iPad or a tablet; these gadgets would help them become more productive, help them manage their schedule, and will be an excellent resource for managing their business, such as answering important emails on the go.

Those interested in purchasing an iPad, Tablet, or any gadget for their busy mom should head straight to the nearest AllDigital Store. Your nearest Vista Commercial Center does not have an AllDigital Store? No worries! AllDigital has an online store ready to ship your orders right to your doorstep.

For Retired Mothers

Roadtrip and Leisurely Vacays

Retired moms deserve a special treat this Mother’s Day! If you wish to make the celebration extra special, instead of staying home, book a trip for your mom or for all your family members to enjoy. They will surely appreciate going on an adventure or even just going on a leisurely staycation. Going on vacation will help them relax and maximize their retirement.

Visit Wineries

Wine is always an excellent gift for any occasion, and almost anyone appreciates them. Wine is a symbolic present associated with values, prestige, and wealth, making it a perfect gift to show appreciation. If your mom is up for it, why don’t you bring them on a wine appreciation or wine-tasting trip.

Best Mother’s Day Gift got Bookworm Moms

You can also get a gift based on their hobbies and the things they enjoy doing; this enables you to help your mom try out a new hobby or support their existing ones. If your mom loves reading, you can get them a book as a present.

A more creative way of doing this is by getting a mystery book box. Mystery book boxes are great because you will only be basing your pick on the synopsis written on the package. It’s a great way to find the perfect reads that will fit the genre and storyline your mom enjoys.  

From Canvas to Greens

If your mom is someone who has a green thumb, gift mom with a  gardening gift set filled with gardening tools, gardening gear, pots and planters, and seeds for them to grow.

For those with creative moms, the best gifts you could give them are art materials such as paintbrushes, paints, a drawing board, and other art supplies.

For Mother Figures


Mother’s Day is not only limited to our biological mothers. This day involves the mother figure we have in our life, like our grandma. One of the best gift ideas is cooking for them. Our grandmas love to cook for us so why not return the kindness by bringing them homemade food or baked goodies.

Grannies tend to feel cold easily, so a pair of cozy socks or a custom embroidered sweatshirt are perfect gift ideas. A ceramic mug will also remind them of you whenever they use it.


Another mother figure in our life is our mother-in-law. A Mother in law is considered a second mother or a new mom for couples. There are gifts for every type, character, and interest. You could also treat your mother-in-law and take her on a date- either to a spa or a restaurant. Spending time with her could also make you closer to her.

The Best Gift For Mothers

After the sacrifices, worries, and unconditional love, our mothers surely deserve the best present we can offer, none other than their dream home. One of the best ways to honor our mothers is to ensure that they have a safe and comfortable resting place after a long work day.

Camella has a wide range of locations for those looking for a house and lot for sale in the Philippines. Interested in purchasing a home to show how thankful you are to your mom this Mother’s Day? Consider settling in a convenient location close to necessary establishments such as schools, hospitals, malls, and more.

Camella Balanga and Camella Provence are great locations for those who want to stay up north, while Camella General Trias and Camella Cerritos are the top picks for those who want a home down south.

Camella Balanga

Enjoy a laid-back lifestyle in Camella Balanga’s Italian-inspired homes. Located at Barangay Cupang, City of Balanga, Bataan, Camella Balanga has amenities like a playground, swimming pool, basketball court, and clubhouse.

Like all Camella communities, Camella Balanga Heights is an exclusive, gated community with 24-hour security. The community is close to religious establishments, transport terminals, schools, and markets.

Great news! Camella Balanga Heights is close to Vista Mall Balanga, making grocery shopping and dining out much more convenient.

Camella Provence

Are you looking for a home just an hour away from Manila? Consider moving to Camella Provence. Enjoy its French-inspired homes that are ready to accommodate your family’s needs.

Like any Camella community, Camella Provence features excellent lifestyle amenities, a great ambiance, and green spaces for physical activities.

Camella General Trias

Another south-after location south of Metro Manila due to its proximity to major establishments, commercial and business hubs, schools, and transportation hubs, is Camella General Trias.

For those who want to stay out of the city and would choose to commute to work in the Metro, Camella General Trias is the perfect home location for you. Living in Camella General Trias has never been more convenient as it’s just a few minutes from Vista Mall General Trias.

Vista Mall aspires to raise the bar for relaxation and recreation by introducing a new breed of malls through its premium lifestyle centers.

Camella Cerritos

Camella Cerritos is also an ideal home located in south of the metro. It is conveniently accessible via Daang Hari Road and has close access to major roads connecting to the metro, such as Manila-Cavite Expressway, South-Luzon Expressway, and Skyway.

The community is also close to two commercial centers, SOMO, and Evia Lifestyle Center. Suppose you like the prime location of Camella Cerritos, having access to major roads connecting to the metro, in that case, you can also check out Camella Carson, Camella’s newly developed community in Daang Hari, Alabang.

Regardless of your choice from these four Camella Projects, rest assured that you will find your conveniences just a few minutes away from the developments.

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