Camella Gains Readers Digest Trusted Brand Award

For three years running, Reader’s Digest named Camella as one of Asia’s Trusted Brands – and for the third straight year, the company was handed a Gold Award. 

“Our hard work and intense perseverance did not go unnoticed.  The Filipino people had developed a loyalty to the brand (Camella) that has taken 38 years to build, as well as a loyalty to the dream that fueled it.” The company said in a statement.

The Reader’s Digest’s Asia’s Trusted Brands award is the premier consumer-based international measure for brand preference across Asia. 

Each year, it approaches ordinary consumers, as well as Reader’s Digest subscribers, soliciting their opinion on what brands of specific products and services are important to them.  The consumer polls are conducted across seven markets in Asia – namely, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. 

Camella boasts of its nearly 40 years of presence in the property development front with 250,000 homes is Metro Manila and 38 other key provinces and 65 cities and municipalities.

On its 16th year, the award-giving body once again partnered with French research giant, Ipsos – the world’s third largest market research company.  With offices in 84 countries, Ipsos is the only independent market research company both controlled and managed by research professionals, working both on a global scale and in local markets.

Winners are identified for each of the seven markets as well for the entire Asia.  To win an Asia Trusted Brand Award, the brand must win in at least three of the seven markets surveyed.  A trusted brand must enjoy international favor while upholding a powerful local connection.

The results have proven to be an accurate reflection of consumer trends and preferences throughout Asia.  In fact, further polling proved that 83% of Asia’s consumers agree that the results of this survey help them make their purchase choices, and, if a brand has been named a Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand, 64% say they are more likely to choose this brand when they next need to purchase such a product.

Realizing the Strength of One’s Brand

According to Reader’s Digest, being on the Asia Trusted Brand list is an incredible achievement, “but maintaining this ranking involves a genuine commitment to protect and fulfill the promises made to one’s consumers.  It means ensuring the quality doesn’t drop.  It means that great taste stays the same, and it definitely means delivering the same value and consumer satisfaction year in and year out, while always remaining open to innovation and reinvention.” 

Source: Manila Standard Today

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