Best Restaurants in Bohol for Mother’s Day

Best restaurants in Bohol to take your Mom on a date

10 Best Restaurants in Bohol to Date Your Moms

Treating the most incredible woman in your life can be challenging, especially if you want to give her everything. From the wide range of options you can do, you’ll likely get torn about what to choose.

Sweet letters, personalized cards, a bouquet, a pair of jewelry, and many new clothes are some of the most beautiful presents you can give from the long list of recommended gifts.

However, you can make it more intimate and memorable by treating your mom to a special meal.

Like everybody knows, moms have always been attentive to their child’s appetites. They are self-taught chefs who can make the best dish palatable to their child’s personal preference and taste.

Only they can make the dish more flavorful – as if they use magical potions to make you ask for another serving.

So, if you grew up having home-cooked meals, why not try to reciprocate the effort and treat her to a good meal?

Gastronomy is one of Bohol’s local flair. Beyond the Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant, which offers its infamous buzz ice cream, plenty of hearty restaurants in the province can help you prepare the most thoughtful celebration through either Filipino or international cuisine.  

Of course, you will have a tough time looking for the best restaurants in the country. What you need to do first is look for a specific place or province and start from there.

If you already have a house and lot in Bohol, narrowing down your options is already a good thing.

Hence, if you reside in the metro and are still looking for a house and lot for sale in Bohol, you can still visit the province and give your mom a glimpse of island life.

You can never go wrong in this province because there are plenty of best things to do. A perfect example of this is taking her to Bohol’s beautiful beaches.

On the other hand, simply treating her to a gastronomic experience in one of the best restaurants in the province that suits her preferences is also priceless.

Here is the list of some of the best restaurants in Bohol for Mother’s Day based on her personality and taste buds:  

Persona Mesa for Minimalist Moms

Image taken from Persona Mesa Restaurant Facebook page

Laidback dining experience where you can relax and have fun with mom

Do you wish to have an intimate one-on-one conversation with your mom? Bring her to the minimalist-inspired restaurant of Persona Mesa.

This elegant resto hub can give you a more laidback dining experience where you can both relax and have fun. They offer a fusion of Filipino and Asian cuisines, all delightfully flavorful.

Persona Mesa should be included on your bucket list, especially if your mom prefers minimal interior design and appreciates intricate food presentation.

It is the best place where you can bring her as chefs put extra care and effort into presenting the dish. Plus, all are served fresh and satisfying to the palate. Their varied menu is unique due to the different twists on the classic Filipino dishes.

Their bestsellers are persona spareribs (with a solid oriental flavor) and spring roll veggies.

The store is open from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Order a beer or wine (whichever you prefer) and celebrate her sacrifices.  

Barwoo for Happy Go Lucky Moms 

Asian restaurant with a chill and upbeat vibe

Having a mom who’s chill and ready for a lively nightlife is unique and exciting. Therefore, you should search for an Asian restaurant that can provide her with the same upbeat vibe.

In Alona Beach, Panglao, a popular beach town, you can find the aesthetic nightspot that operates daily (except Wednesday) from 12:00 noon to 10:00 p.m. It is a place where you can both chill out and have fun.

They mostly serve Korean cuisine with usually large servings – good enough if you come with your friends or your mom’s friends.

They also have extensive beverage selections such as refreshing fruit shakes, tropical juices, and alcoholic drinks. Even so, this is still the best choice to treat your mom if she prefers delectable pasta and square ribs.

Take as many photos as you can and upload them right away because they also have a strong internet connection. Ask the attentive staff, and they will attend to your needs immediately.

Some recommended must-have dishes online are seafood fried rice, mango wings, square ribs platter, honey garlic butter prawn, and chili rose prawn pasta.  

Lantaw Native Restaurant for Classic Moms

A place where you can eat good food while appreciating the beauty of nature

The Lantaw Native Restaurant proudly shares authentic Filipino food that attracts international and local excursionists.

It receives its unique name from the Visayan word ‘Lantau,’ which means to overlook. It is a place where you can eat good food while appreciating the beauty of nature.

It offers a spectacular view of Bohol and ample parking space. The classic Lantaw Native restaurant opens from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and re-opens from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

It is best to treat your mom here during lunch as they have plenty of food choices, such as Cordova Express and crispy Kare-Kare.  

Image taken from Lantaw Seafood and Grill Facebook page

Gerarda’s Family Restaurant for Traditional Filipino Mom 

Image taken from Gerarda’s Family Restaurant Bohol Facebook page

An award-winning restaurant that captures the essence of Filipino heritage

Does your mom love classic Filipino design or have a fondness for ancestral homes? If so, Tagbilaran City, Bohol has a treat for her!

There’s an award-winning restaurant that captures the essence of Filipino heritage, and it’s just a short distance (3.1 km) from Camella Bohol.

Camella Bohol is a beautiful housing development that allows you to personalize your dream classic Filipino home – it could be the perfect place to find her forever home!

The Gerarda family restaurant has an old-school charm conjoined with a homey and familiar vibe. It has a refined interior with lots of antique decorations.

Their foods are also reasonably priced and does not compromise in quality. To be precise, the quality of their nutrition is all level-up versions of classic Filipino and Chinese cuisine.

Order their bestselling viand called Dinakdakan (grilled pork dressed in lemon and onion) and Kare-kare, and your mom will surely forget all of her life worries.  

Payag Restaurant for Simple Moms 

Payag restaurant is now a successful food business with five branches starting from a small nipa hut. Its interior is beyond beautiful as it has capiz shell windows, which are standard for Spanish ancestral homes.

When your mom visits this place, there’s a high chance that she’ll tell you she wants a house and lot with the same architecture.

Nonetheless, this Spanish-themed restaurant in Tagbilaran City is a food haven that features comfort food. Grilled meat served with java rice and a side of zesty papaya pickled is a combo in this restaurant.

Delight yourself with this exceptionally flavorful Filipino cuisine when you take a 1.4 km drive from Camella Homes Bohol.  

SMOQUE Bistro + Café & Bar for Sweet & Steak Moms

Image taken from Smoque bistro + cafe & bar – Bohol Facebook page

Sweet moms deserve sweet food. A place where you can best treat her is in SMOQUE Bistro + Café & Bar. It is an elegant steakhouse with modern European fare.

Their heavenly dish includes prime-cut steaks, roasted chicken, and sweet dessert cakes.

The steaks emanate an aromatic scent, whereas their cakes are genuinely inviting.

The store’s salted caramel cake, crème brûlée, and mango charlotte are a must-have, so make sure you order one and sweetly confess your love and appreciation.  

Just Sizzlin’ Resto for Sizzling Moms 

Situated in Del Rosario St, Tagbilaran City, the Just Sizzlin’ Resto provides a casual dining experience. It has a store tagline called ‘sizzle with us.’

They highlight Bohol’s best local cuisine while sizzling it on a hot cast iron plate.

It is open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and re-opens in the afternoon every 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Treat your mom here and let her feast on their genuinely mouth-watering sizzling menu.

They accept advanced reservations, so save yourself from the long queue and pre-book online hassle. The place is aesthetically pleasing, so take many pictures with your mom.

A mix of Filipino, Western, and Japanese vibes can contribute to your ultimate feed goal.  

Prawn Farm Restaurant for Seafood Lover Moms

A mom who loves seafood dishes is a super mom. So, take her on a movie date or a shopping spree, then directly go to Bohol’s most popular local eatery – the Prawn Farm Restaurant.

Located inside Island City Mall, this upscale restaurant offers a weekend lunch and dinner buffet. You do not need to worry about making the long and hassle trips because you can already treat her to a seafood buffet meal.

Their dishes are typically grilled, such as grilled fish (the most popular is the grilled boneless bangus), grilled blue marlin, grilled stuffed squid, and pan-grilled prawns.

If she’s not fond of grilled dishes, they still have other food options like beef shank soup and meat peanut stew.

It is budget-friendly compared to other hearty restaurants in Bohol, but it is still the most thoughtful place you can choose for a seafood lover mom.

The spacious and comfortable store has a modern interior, giving their air-conditioned dining area a pleasant ambiance.

You can satiate her seafood cravings by indulging her in perfectly seasoned dishes that are freshly harvested from the local market.

It is worth every penny, so plan your date now and make your mom the happiest seafood lover.   

Chido Café for Vegetarian Moms

Image taken from Chido Café Facebook page

Finding a vegan-friendly restaurant is hard, but this is not the case when bringing your vegan mom to Chido Café. The restaurant has plant-based optional foods that come in different exotic flavors.

You can treat your mom right when you let her taste their vegan dishes, which are made with great taste.

Also, if you have pets, you don’t need to worry because they are also welcoming to pets – a haven for vegan and fur mommies alike. The interior of the café is quirky and bold.

The tables and chairs are multi-colored, which gives off that specific Mexican jovial vibe. It also has an open balcony to experience an overlooking view of the Bohol Sea.

The relaxing sea view is a perfect combination of their best-selling coffee. Whose mom wouldn’t want that, right? Your tummies are full, and so are your eyes and soul.

Having a friendly chat with your mom while being enveloped by the café’s soothing view is something you’d wish to last for a lifetime. It is near Blood Compact Shrine, so ask around if you get lost.  

Loboc Riverwatch Floating Restaurant for Nature-lover Moms

A relaxing cruise down the scenic Loboc River while enjoying a sumptuous meal with mom

A mom who enjoys being surrounded by lush green and thick foliage is the type of mom you need to bring to the Loboc Riverwatch Floating Restaurant.

Trying this unique experience will give you a moment you’d wish you’d never forget, especially with your most treasured woman in the world.

It is an excellent value for money because you will be riding a wooden water vessel that will slowly cruise through the Loboc River’s emerald waters while indulging yourself with its sumptuous Filipino dishes.

The dining experience takes on a whole new level with cultural shows that delight you and your nature-loving mom.

Imagine the Bohol’s Children Choir serenading you with beautiful Filipino melodies, followed by a lively performance by a local band.

At Loboc Riverwatch Floating Restaurant, it’s not just the boats that sail smoothly – a relaxing cruise down the scenic river can strengthen your bond with your mom, creating lasting memories together.

Reward Your Mom with a Convenient Home in Camella Bohol

Camella Bohol townhouse

Camella Bohol townhouse

You can never outrun the number of cozy restaurants in Bohol where you can treat your mom. Giving her the best dining experience is already good enough, but if you have a deeper pocket, you may settle on surprising her with a house and lot in Bohol.

Should you wish to live and experience the island life longer, Camella Homes in Bohol should be your top priority. The country’s most trusted housing development has branches in the thriving province of Bohol.

It has a total land area of 17.5 hectares and is situated in Brgy. Bool, Tagbilaran City.

It offers affordable house and lot units and lots only packages should you decide to invest in a real estate property.

Residing in this friendly community can provide you with world-class amenities, a panoramic view of Banat-I Hill, and lush green open spaces to breathe in.

Also, it implements strict security measures by installing plenty of CCTVs and stationing professionally trained security personnel. Your worries about becoming unsafe are already resolved in Camella Bohol.  

Aside from that, the strategic location of this community is also worthy of note. It is near the conveniences of a city center while being close to natural and artificial tourist attractions.

You can attest to this claim by looking through this list of convenient radar:  

Nearby Shopping Centers:  

• Island City Mall 

• Alta Citta Mall 

• BQ Mall 

• Alturas Mall  

Nearby Transportation Hubs: 

• Integrated Bus Terminal 

• Cogon Bus Terminal 

• Tagbilaran Seaport  

• Panglao International Airport  

Nearby Educational Institutions:  

• Holy Name University 

• Bohol Island State University  

• University of Bohol 

Nearby Medical Centers and Hospitals:  

• Holy Name University Medical Center  

• Ramiro Community Hospital

Camella is celebrating 45 Years of Real Estate Developments

Celebrating close to Five Decades of Home Building

The Mediterranean-inspired houses of Camella Bohol are a wise investment that you can give to your mom and yourself. Each home is skillfully constructed on a solid foundation and is elegantly designed to cater to every Filipino mom’s distinct taste.

You can choose from Camella series such as Cara, Dana, Ella, and Freya. All come with an optional or built-in balcony.

Some house models also have a carport for your family car. The interiors of the houses are also explicitly good because it has high ceilings and spacious living rooms.

Numerous windows are also installed, which give off natural light. Ventilation is remarkable, too! You may visit Camella’s official website if you want more detailed information on pricing and house models. 

Celebrate Life’s Milestones in Camella!

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