Camella Celebrates 43rd Anniversary, brings favorites home

By: Hanna Barbara Sillo

Brands best integrate themselves into the consumers’ lives by becoming symbols of their ideals. For Camella, this connection with their homeowners is forged by embodying the aspirations of every Filipino family. On Camella’s 43rd anniversary, the brand continues to prove its status as the country’s favorite in house-and-lot development by giving more surprises for investors to look forward to.

New Investor Incentives

From flexed payment timelines to discounts, Camella gives an expanded list of incentives to investors this August. For those who prefer constructed homes, the developer grants up to a 5% down payment discount on its For Immediate Turnover (F.I.T.) homes, making move-in faster for new homebuyers. Offering the most favorable investment at present, Camella also makes its available lot only properties payable within 24 months at zero interest.

Improved Digital Innovations

As the world remains physically divided, the brand doubles its effort to go digital and stay connected with digital innovations. Camella has been tirelessly working on its digital upgrades, starting with the AR3D app (AR3D), which makes use of augmented reality to create an interactive mobile showroom. 

The onset of the pandemic additionally streamlined Camella’s most decisive developments, beginning with the full digitization of its online reservation feature. These efforts are paired with other improvements in areas that are crucial for homebuyers, such as virtual tours to replace site visits and online payment instead of over-the-counter deposits.

By partnering with banks and payment platforms like AllBank and AllEasy, Camella completes the seamless adaptation of its entire buying process and bridges the physical gap brought by the pandemic with digital solutions. 

The Future of Healthy Homes

Camella considers itself as a pioneer in master-planned townships that provide a holistic lifestyle experience, and the brand carries this leadership over to its digital innovations. The brand is best known for its premium-spaced houses that are convertible into safe sanctuaries. Camella, however, does not stop there and unlocks more potential directions for healthy homes with technology. 

With the addition of its new series of smart homes, the brand ups the meaning of a healthy home to include energy-saving, secure, sensitive, and touchless. In other words, giving homeowners more power to control their homes based on their preference. By setting its sights on the future and anchoring on technology to address the dynamic needs of its families, Camella keeps itself ahead and in bloom.

Camella, the pioneer in master-planned townships, has undoubtedly risen from its humble beginnings in 1977 and established itself as the country’s favorite housing brand. Now, with projects in 49 provinces and 147 towns and cities, the brand brings nearly 500,000 families home to their favorites. Find your place where you could feel safe and bloom in one of these townships, visit

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