Why Choose Condo Homes: Convenience

October 21, 2017


“What’s in it for me?” —the millennials’ standard query that discerns whether or not something is worth their precious time and energy.

It’s an undisputed fact that today’s generation almost has everything easier. Through all the technological advances generated in the past decades, all of which accumulated, making present-day life the most advanced it has ever been. It’s safe to claim millennials grew quite accustomed to promising conveniences that command their attention. This 2017, gone are the days when young professionals “Okayed” to simpler, standard way of having things. Today’s era wants everything the easier way, exerting less effort and requiring less difficulty—the more convenient way. As conscious as everyone in the industry is, Condo Homes emerges with the accurate stance and prospects. 

Bolstering the advantages that come with being situated at the most excellent locations, Condo Homes’ fine offerings are richly designed to meet millennials’ vast array of preferences, interests and desires for a home.


Perks of Living in Condo Homes

In Condo Homes, “less travel time to work and more ‘me’ time”, is an aspect we keep with  high regard. Millennials are intrinsically go-getters; busy juggling multiple careers and several facets of their well-being. Condo Homes ensures unit owners that never will they go through the same sickening traffic jam experience again resulting to 3 hours idly spent on the road because their new abode is centrally located in the heart of the city. A few minutes ride or a short walk is all that it requires to get around key establishments in the area. 

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Centrally located haven


Amenities for Everyday Delight

Condo Homes steers clear from the typical notion that condominium buildings are mere nests for nomadic people in the city. Condo Homes proves itself to be more than just a complex housing thousand rooms by emerging as vertical villages boasting various well-designed and family-oriented amenities.

After a draining day outside, residents can replenish themselves with a cool, refreshing time in Condo Homes’ well-maintained clubhouse, Jacuzzi, leisure pool and kiddie pool. 

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Clubhouse and Swimming Pool


Young professionals, empty nesters, even starting families can spend quiet evenings or bright weekend mornings wandering outdoors. Condo Homes’ developments are furnished with landscaped courtyards, pocket gardens, jogging paths, reading nooks, even play areas for little kids’ delight. 

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Reading Nooks

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Within Condo Homes’ projects are recreation gym and fitness centers that fuel millennials’ high level of well-being. Entertainment rooms and function halls for weekly get-together or social gatherings are likewise integrated to quench our residents’ need for an active community.  

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Fitness Gym


Features for an Upscaled Urban Life

Millennials, being the most informed generation, certainly know what to look for in their desired modern homes. With a mind keen on getting ‘more out of life’, a home as up-to-date as their smartphones, is one of their prerequisites. 

Founded by Camella’s expertise in house design and planning, Condo Homes’ buildings are equipped with 24/7 security and guardhouse, passenger elevator, smoke detector and fire sprinkler system, fire detection and alarm system, and emergency lighting stationed in hallways. 

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Furthermore, All Day convenience stores, coffee shops, food chains and other retail outlets exclusively located within our projects are to amplify our residents’ comfort and convenience. 

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 Commercial Strip


Condo living in Condo Homes is convenience at its best. With monthly down payment starting at P10, 000 only, more and more middle class professionals are now capable of investing in their dream condohomes. Everything they need to live the life in the immense urban jungle is just outside their doorsteps. From easy access to the city center, to modern building features and amenities, every condominium building from Condo Homes proves its existence is meant to amp up the urban lifestyle of our unit owners. Thus, Condo Homes have intricately designed millennials’ definition of a convenient life.


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