How spacious homes contribute to a healthy living

By: Geraldine Topsnik

What do you usually look for in buying a home? Do you look for ease of access or do you look for  one that could give you a better quality of living? Your home environment plays a big part in determining the quality of your life, especially your health. Most of us dream about living in a big house, and there are actually a few advantages in choosing a wider and brighter, more spacious home.


Anybody would want to have their own personal space. Having one for yourself is more of a need than a luxury during these times. The privacy of a spacious home allows you a chance to introspect. Personal space and privacy also plays an important role in keeping peace within the members of your family as everyone craves for their own headspace to think and unwind. Allowing a well-lighted space inside your home additionally enables your family to relax by giving them a zen of positive energies that contribute to happiness and an overall good mental health. Camella’s offering of spacious homes gives every single member of your family these positive qualities that contribute to your well-being.


It is no secret that Filipinos love to eat. A bigger kitchen enables the safe storage of all your groceries and goodies, letting you cook your family’s favorite meals at any time. Having better cooking space also invites the option to own a wide range of kitchen appliances that you have always dreamed of having, which in turn inspires you to try and cook a vast array of healthier recipes for your family. Being able to move freely in the kitchen can also mean that cooking time can also be your family’s bonding time, bringing each family member


An extremely good perk of having a spacious home is having enough room to create divisions for creativity and leisure. Your kids can unleash their imagination through having their own play rooms where they can explore different arts and passion, have a study area,  your own private library, and even your own home office. The fulfillment of the need for creativity and leisure results in lower chances of having stress-related conditions, thereby increasing your family’s psychological health and happiness.


Having a larger house also means having enough space to exercise or do yoga. You can also create the backyard garden that you always wanted when you have open outdoor spaces. Camella also offers different amenities for you to utilize, like the Veranda, the Courtyard, the Patio, the Aquasphere and the Green Circuit that are all ready to help you achieve that dream lifestyle.

With Camella’s house offerings, you have the option to indulge yourself in its balconied houses that can serve as your own reflection space after the day’s work. It is a place to breathe, observe and take in the wondrous things that we can be grateful about in life.

Ease of access and a home that leads you to have a better, healthier lifestyle—these are only some of Camella’s prime offerings. Once you’re ready to invest, choose the brand that gives you the best. Enjoy more space with less risk and more possibilities with Camella. You may call us at (02) 3226 3552 or 0945 527 9867 and 0926 915 9138. You may also visit our official pages and check out our latest offerings at

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