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January 03, 2018

Yes, you’ve heard it right – Camella is taking it to the next level! Aiming for our homebuyers to have the best living experience, we took the initiative to implement upgrades on various house specs. Below are the list of things you need to know on each house improvement:



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  • Doors

Camella will now be changing its main door and service door to steel doors, which are said to be the best security barriers for your home as they offer a great protection to your home due to their durability. They work best for exterior-facing doors that need to withstand heavy traffic and exterior elements. These kind of doors with metal frames will make thieves think twice and look elsewhere for other target. Steel doors can handle bad weather and will not need any annual upkeep. Another plus is that they’re easy to clean and maintain and also cheaper than other doors. No need to worry since the design will remain the same.


  • Locksets

The upgraded locksets for Camella are mainly focused on increasing safety measures for the homeowners. We will be upgrading the exterior locksets from Grade 3 to Grade 2, which is ideal for heavy duty residential use. It is tested for more than 400,000 life cycles in which for a family of 5, it is translated for at least 55 years. It is more than the usual structural “warranty” of any building bounded by law – at 50 years. This is an upgrade not only on the aesthetics, but on the security as well since we now have deadbolt.


  • Switches

For the switches, Camella will now be using the wide series which is the usual trend in the market. It will be with illumination so that you can locate the switches even in the dark. These items will be sourced from All Home, so rest-assured for the quality.


  • Outlets

No adaptors available? Say no more, since we will now be using universal outlets. Camella is changing its outlet to add a safety feature for grounding when using our appliances.




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  • Kitchen sink

Camella’s new kitchen sink is quality-guaranteed since this will be sourced from All Home. Not to mention the increase in size from 16” x 24” to 22” x 25”. The depth before was 6”, and is now 7” which will give better washing space.


  • Kitchen tiles

Aside from aesthetic purposes, Camella wants to provide easy installation through increasing the tiles in the kitchen from 8” x 8” to 24” x 24”.


  • Kitchen faucet

Camella wants to give you the most convenient level type handle for washing, so we will now be providing gooseneck wall mounted kitchen faucet to bring you ample wash area.



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  • Bidet

Since bidets have been considered a bathroom essential, Camella will now be adding bidets to your comfort rooms for additional convenience for our homeowners.


  • Toilet tiles

Exclusively for our houses below 46 square meters, there will be an additional two layers of wall tiles in the dry section, specifically, the water closet and lavatory.


  • Telephone shower

Camella will now provide you with telephone showers, which will be applicable to all bathrooms. This type of shower design will provide more convenience to the homeowners.


  • Bathroom fixtures

Similar to our fixtures in our house models below 46 square meters, it will also be sourced from All Home. Bathroom fixtures are bigger than the original but just enough size for the typical toilet. With Camella, we will be using single piece water closet based on the latest trend.




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  • Hose bibb

The upgraded hose bibb has more thread than the previous specs which gives added connection to the hose and prevents leaks. It is also made of alloy which is rust proof.


  • Paved driveway

Exclusively for Cara, Dana and Ella, paved driveways are now applicable to those who will be availing the basic package.


These changes aim to have a great impact in each Camella family’s everyday routine. Specifically, the upgrades in the kitchen will hopefully make Moms have a more enjoyable time when cooking. Dads can now spend and maximize their valuable time outdoors. For the living room and bathroom upgrades, it will surely benefit the welfare of the whole family.


Our goal by upgrading these house specs is mainly focused on building people’s dream homes while providing their daily lives with more ease, comfort and convenience. Camella wants to give what people truly deserve – better quality homes, which technically means an upgrade in our homebuyers’ lives.


This is Camella taking housing a notch higher. This is Camella taking it to the next level.



Interested in buying your new home in Camella? Contact us at 0999 887 2921 or 0917 537 7235. For more details, check out www.camella.com.ph or visit the nearest Camella office in your area. Keep up with the latest Camella information, news, events and announcements by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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