The 3 Amazing Benefits of Investing In Camella CoHo

March 11, 2019

As a working college student, I've created enough income for me to start investing in big things. While most people my age focus on cars, extravagant food, even spending thousands on travels, I wanted to have that balance of practicality and fun. That's where an investment like CoHo comes along!


CoHo, or Condo Homes, is under Camella's brand. And yes, they offer high-quality condominiums all around the Philippines! What's great about CoHo isn't just about how the installment comes from such a reputable company, but the lifestyle you get to experience when living in a place like a CoHo.


1. Everything Is Near YOU

Whether you have an office, work at home, or a busy student, you want to make sure that you live somewhere with everything near you. Convenience is one of the top priorities when looking for places to live in, and Camella Condo Homes takes care of that for you.


Not only do they have excellent facilities to take a breather, but you'll be near establishments you want and need. From grocery shopping in All Day Supermarket down to working or hanging out in the Coffee Project, you have everything within reach and don't need to suffer from traffic when you want to enjoy your days off.


2. Excellent Units At Affordable Prices

Another factor when deciding where to live is the budget. We all know that living in Mega Manila and other urban communities, it's difficult finding a good space without shelling out more than what we can afford.


CoHo provides the solution to that, offering the best value-for-money with their new vertical development. They have 1 or 2-bedroom units suitable for small families and the like, with competitive prices compared to other condominiums in CBDs.


3. Use It As Your Long-Term Investment

Millennials are always looking for long-term investments, wanting to get the bang for the buck, may it be for today's income or the future. CoHo delivers in all ways, providing a property of your own to live in for the long-term, or a unit you can rent out for extra revenue as you work.


Either way, the return of investment is high, as condominiums in CBDs are always on-demand.


So start experiencing that amazing CoHo lifestyle and reap the benefits it has to offer! If you want to know more about Camella Condo Homes, contact 02-CAMELLA or 0998-225-2254 / 0926-915-9138.


This article is written by Janessa Erin, blogger at

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