That Thing Called ‘Tahanan’: The 5 Ps in Buying a Home

February 15, 2016

You know how "firsts" go? First love, first break-up, first car, first car dent. You either win or lose, but it's never the same kind of game when you're in search for your first home.

Nakakaba na nakaka-excite because hey, big responsibilities and purchases like a house comes with ... "bragging rights". Let's be honest. When you finally have a house to call your own, you feel extra special and that extra boom of confidence especially kapag "Katas ng Dubai, Saudi, Canada, pagsi-seaman, pagco-call center, etc".

As a newbie in this grown-ups industry, I started reading about tips and FAQs when buying a house. And to help my fellow first-timers in this thing called tahanan without having to go through a lot of readings, I summarized my learning in 5 keywords.

The first P is for Pamilya. It is the primary reason why you are now thinking of buying a new home. All your sacrifices of being away from them and not seeing them for hours, days, weeks, months and years will all be worth it when you see them living comfortably and secure in a beautiful house you can call your own.

You have to consider the number of your family members or the people you are going to share the house with, when buying a house to make sure there's enough space for them to move around and have fun.


Secondly, the next thing you ask from house developers is the Price. Presyo or kung magkano ang kabuuang halaga ng isang house and lot package.

Contrary to popular belief, the proper way of thinking about house & lot prices is checking your budget. Ask yourself, "Magkano ba ang kaya kong ipambayad monthly?", "Kasya na ba ang savings ko pang DP (down payment)?" and "Will I have enough money for other needs like food and clothing?".


Where is the location of your prospect home? It should be flood-free, away from accident prone areas and most especially, be in a community where people are friendly and approachable.
Present all over the country!

Camella, which I chose for my house is the flagship brand of Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc. They have projects all over the country which only proves that they really are providing great homes for every Filipinos. Di naman sila gagawa ng Camella sa ibang lugar kung di mabenta di ba? I mean, duh. Credibility!


Look for on-going promos from different developers. Find the deals but don't compromise the quality of the house and safety of your investment. You’re putting your hard-earned money into it, so you should be extra careful.

To be safe, always look for the contact numbers in their official websites and call their hotline. If possible, you can also go to their offices na nandun mismo sa site or subdivision where you are interested, and look for their Marketing officers.


Just like in any purchase of goods we make (e.g, grocery, fastfood, shopping malls, etc.), we need perks to top off our purchase.

A house that is accessible via main roads and highways is so good. Near your office, has malls and entertainment centers in the vicinity, schools, churches! Those would be great advantages and must-haves in this era of traffic and metro cities’ inconvenience!

So, when the time comes and you're looking for a house to finally call your own, avoid getting a heartache in that thing calledtahanan. Remember that when you are buying a house, there are no second chances.

If you want to be my kapitbahay in the future, you may visit Camella's properties at or call their hotline at (02) CAMELLA, (02) 226-3552.

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