Share Your Heart This Christmas

December 14, 2017

We’ve all heard that it’s better to give than to receive. This year, experience the true spirit of giving! What better way of spending your holidays than making other people’s Christmas more meaningful? It’s not a necessity that a gift should be expensive. In fact, some people prefer intangible gifts more than store-bought ones. So, why not offer the gift of time to those who really are in need of it?





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Do you have a stock of your old books piled up in your room? Got nothing to do with your pre-loved clothes? Clothes are a form of gift of comfort and warmth, while books are of knowledge and wisdom. Donate them where it can be of good use! Drop them off to the nearest orphanage you can find, and you’ll surely make Christmas so much brighter to a lot of kids.



Home for the Aged


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Ever imagined yourself in a Home for the Aged and wondered who’ll visit you when you grow old? A lot of elders think of the same. Assure them that they’re very much still loved and cared for, especially during the holidays. For such a happy occasion like Christmas, elders would appreciate it more to be able to spend it with someone, not only by themselves. Try searching up a list of nursing homes and pay a visit to some!


Cancer wards


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They say that laughter is the best medicine. Therefore, give those who are sick the best joke you can crack! Spend your holidays with them, and give them the perfect gift – gift of time, which they ought to have. Might as well sing them a Christmas carol while you’re at it, to gain a more joyous and festive vibe.



Soup kitchen


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Where do you plan on spending your Christmas bonus this year? Instead of spending it on luxurious things, share it out on those people who starve and cry out of hunger everyday. It’s your perfect chance to help them out by filling their tummies and letting them experience the best Noche Buena they can ever have!



Merrygalo Sa Camella


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Extend your help through Camella with our Christmas promo – Merrygalo Sa Camella! For this holiday season, Camella is fostering consumer involvement by encouraging our homebuyers to give back to selected individuals from the marginalized sector of the community, and getting rewarded in return. Offer your helping hands to our 5 (five) Merrygalo beneficiaries! Watch their respective videos in Camella (Official) Facebook page, or just by clicking their names below:


  1. Angelito Genuino (Lolo Lito or Lolo Pops) – a 69-year old candy lollipop vendor in Pampanga. (Facebook video)
  2. Luxary Lumabong – an 8-year old boy who used to study in the streets of Davao City.
  3. Princess Audrey Avila – a 14-year-old orphan who used to be the breadwinner of her young family.
  4. Mark Angelo Jabat – a 22-year-old working student in college standing as parent to his 8 younger siblings.
  5. Rodel Clariño, Sr. – a 58-year-old balloon vendor in Bulacan.


Read the whole article here for the detailed Merrygalo promo with its full mechanics. Promo runs from November 15, 2017 up to January 5, 2018.


Through these acts of kindness, reassure yourself that you have done your part to help and share your blessings to those who really need it. But most importantly, the spirit of giving should not only be seasonal. Spread kindness everyday if you can. Even a small good deed can make someone’s day, or even change one’s life.


For more details, check out or visit the nearest Camella office in your area. Keep up with the latest Camella information, news, events and announcements by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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