Perfect For Building Golden Tomorrows

June 04, 2014

CAGAYAN de Oro has long held the nickname the "City of Golden Friendship" because its people exude exceptional warmth and extraordinary friendliness that is said to surpass what Filipinos are already famous for. The capital of Misamis Oriental and the center of Region 10, Cagayan de Oro has also been dubbed "The Gateway to Northern Mindanao" as it rests along Macajalar Bay that flows into the Bohol Sea. The city's dynamic progress and selection of Mindanao's top schools, shopping centers, tourist attractions and business centers make CDO ideal for setting up one's roots, building a career and raising one's family.

There's another reason why CDO is an incredible city to build one's tomorrows in—Camella Gran Europa.

Twenty years ago, Camella—the real-estate brand with the widest geographic reach—chose Cagayan de Oro as the perfect city to lay down the blueprint for what would become a superbly masterplanned community that would echo the most beautiful cities in Europe. It was a pioneering concept: a collection of charming residential enclaves, each independent, with its own personality and facilities clustered within a larger community that offered services and establishments that made the entire development nearly self-sufficient. The 250-hectare complex was designed to contain seven different enclaves, as well as a school, a church, a transportation hub, and several mixed-use districts that would be both business and commercial centers. In effect, the master plan was the creation of a city within an already booming city. This is Camella Gran Europa, and it is enhancing the way Cagayanons live and showing the way to tomorrow.

Camella Gran Europa today houses a collection of 11 spacious and stunning enclaves. The properties were so popular that several of the original seven enclaves have already opened their second phases. With anywhere from 300 to 500 homes per enclave, the delightful villages offer a close sense of community while also allowing for a feeling of sheer breathing space and wonderful privacy.

In large part, however, a key attraction of Gran Europa is that the entire complex is inspired by the style, feel and architecture of Europe's loveliest countries, with landscaping and homes reminiscent of the domiciles and villages of Spain, Italy and France.

Gran Europa will offer its residents more by building establishments inside the community. The quaint San Vicente Ferrer Church is right in the heart of the enclaves and the Georgia Academy is right across it. A few steps away is the Wellcome commercial center. There is a transport terminal and shuttle service that will move the residents around the communities. There's more. A sprawling eight hectare, European-inspired commercial complex is on its way up. Promising to be a destination in itself, the Gran Europa Village Center will house a supermarket, a home depot, a drug store, a children's play area, coffee shops and other restaurants, service centers, an amphitheater, a sports and recreational facility, as well as retail stores.

A few minutes' drive from the center of CDO, the community's proximity to places of work, entertainment and important services is extraordinarily advantageous—as it is with all Vista Land developments. Gran Europa is a few minutes away from commercial centers, as well as convenience stores and markets. Perfect for families with children, Xavier University, Corpus Christi, Liceo de Cagayan University, Saint Mary's Academy and the Angelicum Learning Center are conveniently nearby. Whenever health is an issue, the Madonna Hospital and JR Borja City Hospital are a few short minutes away.

Along the scenic, tree-lined drive that takes one into Gran Europa enclaves is Frontiera. Its brick lined entrance takes one right down to spacious residences the color of sun burnt sand that hold sway over landscaped gardens. The community has its own pool, creating the feeling that one lives within a resort that one can escape to at the end of every day.

Offering a stunning view of the undulating Misamis mountains are Montana Vista I and II. Here, architecture blends with nature as this quaint Italian village gracefully hugs the hillsides with homes reminiscent of the picturesque Italian farmhouses and orchard villas.

Portico I and II are also windows into the Spanish love for life, but with a lovely French twist. The homes are Spanish villas in colors that echo the ebullience of Espana, but here they nest amid landscaped French gardens bursting with the colors and passion of a Monet painting.

La Mirande and La Mirande Crest are cozy nests of splendid homes peeking through a graceful pine forest. Inspired by Provence, they are enclaves of beautifully landscaped lawns skirting balconied manors in the vibrant colors of the Mediterranean coast.

For the more down-to-earth among the Cagayanons, or those starting out in life, Gran Europa offers Lessandra and Lessandra Heights—practical solutions to home ownership. The Lessandra series is a collection of freestanding residences, bungalows and townhouses that, while being very affordable, are also of excellent quality. With a variety of home styles to choose from, Lessandra and Lessandra Heights give young families the chance to grow in a closely knit community.

Source: Business Mirror

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