Off to My Future Home

August 17, 2016

It has been my ultimate dream to live, work and settle down in Manila.

When I was a kid, I have always thought that Manila is a ‘fantasy island’, where life is full of adventure and exciting experiences. Why not? Sari-sari stores in the province are enormous malls in Manila, ‘karinderyas’ are classy restaurants, pedicabs are taxis, and ’bahay kubos’ are towering buildings.

Now, I am in Manila, living the life I thought was grand and perfect. Never have I thought that the dreamy city life will get sabotaged by busy streets, traffic jam, and horrible pollution. It is utterly exhausting and disappointing.

The province where life, I thought, was boring seems to be the perfect and most ideal place to settle down, raise kids and grow old.

Luckily enough, I have a colleague who shares the same sentiment. Hence, to escape the stress brought by the bustling Metro, we took a trip to her hometown – Bulacan. 

It only took us an hour to get to their subdivision in a Malolos called Camella Provence.

Camella Provence Malolos Bulacan


Contrasting with the earth and neutral-colored homes are the vibrant, colorful backdrop of flora and fauna. Coloring the sides of the roads are lush trees that beautifully complement the clear blue sky. 

Adding to Camella Provence’ cozy country vibe, is its grand clubhouse, masterfully designed to evoke the elegance of French architecture.  It is nestled at the heart of the community where residents can foster relationships, where kids can take a dip in the swimming pool, where you and your friends can enjoy al fresco dining and celebrating.

Camella Provence Malolos Bulacan

For leisure and neighborly bonding, there is a covered basketball court, open ball court, parks and playground, and pathways for a gentle stroll or a brisk jog. 

Future developments in Camella Provence will also give residents and homebuyers fast access to shops and services, without having to step outside the community.

Camella Provence Malolos Bulacan

 A big plus to its plethora of unique characteristics is its proximity to Metro Manila - close but distant enough to retain a peaceful ambience. And, I have to say, the most amazing thing about Camella Provence is how you can be in a city in one sec, and be in a completely different place the next. 

I found myself envious that I have never lived in a place so grand and warm at the same time. However, while strolling around the community, I made a promise to myself that I will come back to Camella Provence not as a visitor but as a homebuyer.


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