More Than Just Salute

August 24, 2017

“You know it’s the hardest sacrifice she makes when as she turns her back to leave, she suppresses those small drops of tears as she bids you goodbye.”

It’s this scene in airports, we Filipinos, have become accustomed to. We watch our loved ones walk away toward the departure area while towing their luggage with them. We hug them the tightest way we can for we know it’s going to take a couple of years before we could repeat the moment again. We say all our reminders of “mag-iingat ka doon and “huwag mong kalimutang tumawag”, before finally waving our hands in the air as we mouth the word, “ba-bye”.

If you’re reading this and find it relatable, then you already probably know what I’m getting at. It’s our OFWs---our country’s so-called modern heroes---”Mga Bagong Bayani”. With over 2 million OFWs, it’s a form of normalcy to learn that your neighbor works as a domestic helper in Hong Kong, a friend’s father is a construction worker in Dubai or a classmate’s sister is a nurse in Saudi Arabia or in UK. These people with different means and backgrounds all share the same goal---to provide a better life for their families left in the Philippines.

For the entire 2016, cash remittances sent by our OFWs amounted to a massive 26.9 billion pesos. Truly, they are an essential force to keep today’s economy balanced and healthy. The Philippines is indeed indebted to these heroes who have flown miles away from their loved ones as the solid growth in remittance continues to be a major driver of domestic demand.

Working in the US, UAE and other neighboring countries in Asia, for some, may seem “a lot better” than having meager wages in our motherland. This is a huge misconception as these people tend to overlook the hardships OFWs face every day. The unfathomable longing they constantly feel in exchange for the money and “balikbayan boxes” they send back to the Philippines, is something people who’ve never left our own shores would probably never understand. How does it feel like when after a long day at work, you find yourself alone in a place you can’t really call home because it feels empty without your family in it?

The truth is, it hurts for OFWs to be away from their families, but what’s more painful is to learn that some Filipinos who’ve labored decades abroad returned back in our country with no visible improvement in their lives. No earnings. No investments.

For a house and lot developer like Camella, who cares and mostly caters to our modern heroes, such news is truly heart-wrenching. What our modern heroes deserve is a more convenient lifestyle which is made possible by Camella through investing in their dream homes. With Camella’s over 40 years of continued success, our OFWs are ensured that their money is in good hands. In fact among all developers in the Philippines, Camella prides itself for having the largest geographic reach that makes it easier and more convenient for our OFWs to choose a home in their most-preferred locations.

Overseas Filipino Workers Investment

Buying a home from abroad may pose some risks, but Camella made it hassle-free for our sales representatives have imbibed giving full assistance to our respective investors in the whole buying process. For us in Camella, turning one’s dream home into reality is the best thing we can do to express our heartfelt gratitude for these people who have done so much. Buying a home doesn’t have to pose more burden to our OFWs that’s why Camella offers flexible financing schemes.

For our modern heroes, it is only due to give them a different kind of salute---the kind that will enable them to peacefully come back in our country with homes that await them. Invest in the home of your dreams now.

Contact us at 0999 887 2921 or 0917 537 7235. For more details, check out or visit the nearest Camella office in your area. Keep up with the latest Camella information, news, events and announcements by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Main image header source: Business World


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