Let’s Get To Know BOGO!

October 05, 2017

The small, quiet city of Bogo has been making headlines lately because of its newly-achieved status of being drug-free. It might have come as a surprise for some that a modest city managed to achieve such a seemingly-impossible feat.

Local authorities in the city have stated that the path wasn’t like a walk in the park. It was a walk with hurdles and bumps. That goes without saying. But, what’s more impressive is that, Bogo managed to clear all its 29 barangays of drugs with no recorded casualties or bloodshed of any kind.

Now, besides being the first city in Central Visayas and the second city in the entire Philippines to be declared drug-free, what else do we actually know about Bogo? 

Below is a quick listing of some of the most remarkable landmarks in the historical, prudent and safe city of Bogo:



1. Capitancillo Islet 

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Besides the ancient lighthouse, which original construction dates back to 1905, being one of the island’s features, its main attractions are the 3 dive sites: southwest wall of Capitancillo, Ormoc Shoal and Nuñez Shoal. 

How the 6-hectare coral island came to emerge in the Visayan waters is pretty interesting, and kind of legendary. According to local folks, a Spanish sea captain named Basillo, offended the local datu, Datu Bugtopasan. Story goes that the angered datu cursed the captain’s ship, turning it to a small island.


2. Lust Mangrove Forest “Tugbungan Eco Farm”

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Fancy a quick tour at a local mangrove forest? Bogo has it! The city, truly rich in marine waters and life, is likewise blessed with one located in Brgy. Gairan.


3. Shrine of our Lady of Miraculous Medal

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This giant statue of Blessed Virgin Mary, a famous pilgrimage site, graciously sits atop a hill. Though one can reach the top via private vehicle or tricycle, many prefer “the harder yet more fulfilling way” by tenaciously climbing the stairway that’s more than a hundred fifty steps! Totally not a bad choice for people wanting to shed some sweat.


4. Archdiocesan Shrine of San Vicente Ferrer

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Near the town center nestles a historical church still carrying Spanish influences reflected in its facade is the Archdiocesan Shrine of San Vicente Ferrer. This house of worship, built in the post-war era, was named after the church’s patron saint, St. Vincent de Ferrer.


5. Camella Bogo

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Camella, the country’s largest homebuilder has recently added a new landmark in the city with a 17.11-hectare house and lot development within the New Bogo City Central Business District in Brgy. Cayang. 

Camella Bogo, one of Camella’s early Christmas presents for Filipino families, is indeed a gift for Visayans who desire to reside exclusively in a picture-perfect community that carries the modern Southern American feel. With Camella’s expertise in scouting the most excellent locations, residents are guaranteed of an easy access to the city center.


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