Investing Early is an Important Key to One’s Personal Success

March 07, 2019

Being a person who started working at such a very young age (for those who aren't aware, I started as a child actor), one of the things I always remind fresh grads and young professionals whom I get into conversations with is to use their income wisely and to invest early.

When one thinks of investments, the first things that come to mind are a house and a car. But between a vehicle and a personal living space, having a flat is perhaps one of the most sensible things to secure at the soonest possible time. It represents maturity and stability. Apart from that, unlike a vehicle, real estate never, or at the very least hardly, depreciates.

If you happen to be a recent graduate, an up-and-coming professional, or perhaps a parent of one, I'd like to share with you a recent piece of exciting news that's perfect for someone looking to invest his/her hard-earned money.

It's called, COHO.

COHO stands for "Condo Homes" -- Camella's brand for high quality condominiums that are strategically located in urbanized locations across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

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Camella Condo Homes (COHO) is finally here!

I recently attended the launch of Camella's newest product line and learned more about what I consider to be one of the best things someone like you or me can invest in. During the festive and fun event which was held at the recently opened "Mella Hotel" in Las Pinas, I learned more about what makes Camella Condo Homes (COHO) the perfect place to live in.

Here are the many reasons that make COHO uniquely ideal...

The VIBE. Think of COHO as the perfect vertical village. It promises a sense of tranquility and the relaxing environment of a suburban community. It also offers generous open space surrounded by greenery which, in my opinion, is vital for the well-being of any individual who is usually immersed in the high-paced life of the city. This particular vibe is also ideal for those nurturing a family.

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Location. It's great to know that COHO is situated near major road networks and infrastructure developments. This allows COHO dwellers easy access to central business districts. Apart from that, it makes it equally attractive budget-wise since COHOs are a great alternative to very expensive condominiums inside commercial business districts (CBD).

Unit Configurations. With 1 bedroom (30 sqm) and 2 bedroom (40 sqm) unit configurations, like I said, it makes for a great investment for young urban professionals and starting families who are looking for a great place to live in within the city.

Amenities. Of course, you get the whole shebang when you decide to live in a COHO. Unit owners get to enjoy a ton of really cool amenities: a clubhouse, swimming pool, landscaped gardens, jogging paths, a function hall, and a fitness gym with modern equipment (Yes!).

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The COHO Lifestyle

Those features alone are already enough reason for many of us to seriously consider investing in Camella Condo Homes, but there's actually more to love by being able to truly live a COHO Lifestyle.

You see, the COHO Lifestyle means being able to live close to a beautiful mall that offers global retail selections, being able to enjoy hanging out at an exquisite coffee shop (Coffee Project) like it's an extension of one's living and working space. It also means being able to enjoy great breakfasts in a really cool boulangerie (Bake My Day) and having an innovative supermarket (All Day Supermarket) as your very own super pantry. Needing to work on your living space? By all means! Just head over to COHO's one-stop home improvement hub (All Home) located just near you. If you're like me who loves spending lots of time watching movies, then having a world-class cinema (Vista Cinemas) as your very own entertainment room is going to be a blast!

There really is no downside to living the COHO Lifestyle.

I personally don't mind investing in Camella Condo Homes because personally, I find this kind of lifestyle very attractive. My wife loves the idea as well. Apart from that, my son is about to start working and will soon be looking for his own investment. Hearing our suggestions will most definitely weigh greatly on how he spends his money, so we look forward to being able to offer him very sound advice.

So, is Camella Condo Homes the kind of investment many of you have long been waiting for? Without a doubt.

Invest early. Invest wisely. Take it from someone like me who has spent most of his life in an industry that has seen many people make so much money yet never had the foresight to invest with a sense of urgency. Regret is a painful thing to live with.

Getting a unit in a COHO and embracing the COHO Lifestyle is something you will thank yourself for much sooner than you think.


This article is written by Charles "Chuckie" Dreyfus, blogger at

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