How To End 2017 With a Bang!

September 06, 2017

Just 4 brisk months and we’re about to bid 2017 a permanent goodbye. How have you been faring so far? If you feel like it’s been a wholesome year, congratulations! But, if you’re on the opposite side, maybe it’s finally time to go out of your comfort zone and start rocking 2017 before it ends. Below are seven little things you should do, but if embarking on a journey to accomplish all seven seems too much for you, then maybe do at least two or three. This I confidently say as early as now: you’d be thanking your future self someday.


1. Conquer one of your ultimate fears.

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Still afraid of heights and that eight-legged arachnid called spiders?  When will you stop cringing at the sight of a Ferris wheel or that little creature? Come on. Don’t let such fears continue limiting what you can do. Put an end to it. Summon all the courage you can. Stop running away from your fears whatever it may be. Master it. Conquer it. 


2. Travel to a new place alone.

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This one’s only advisable for adults. If you’re in your 20s or 30s, and a regular office employee, you should definitely try traveling. ALONE. Don’t make being a ‘homey person’ as an excuse. It doesn’t have to be somewhere so extravagant that it hurts your pocket. No. The point here is to go and experience a foreign place on your own because some pleasures in life are only discoverable by taking solo flights. Traveling can leave a mixture of feelings or a whirlwind of emotions. It even gives some a new perspective in life. 


3. Do “that thing” that you love.

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This pertains to the things you’re passionate about, but has, for some reasons, put aside. I can’t certainly speak for everyone, of course. But, please don’t go on forever without trying to do or make “that thing” happen even at least once. Whatever it may be or how simple it may seem, find time to do it. NOW. Composing songs, joining a music band or a dance troupe, writing poetry or novels, creating animations, or maybe enrolling in fashion design or drama classes ---whatever it is. At least give your almost-forgotten passion a chance. Give a shot to the things that hold a special place in your heart.


4. Learn something new.

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Learning is a lifelong process. It’s not confined to the four small corners of a classroom. No. The most relevant and truest learnings happen outside in the real world. For people with seemingly unquenchable thirst for knowledge, pursuing further graduate studies is always an option. However, I don’t suggest shelling out money for this. Acquiring a new skill through self-study is now made easier with the proliferation of the internet. Study a new language, learn how to pluck the strings of a guitar, bake pastries, or maybe take up some driving lessons. Anything. Just go and immerse yourself into some things new.


5. Forgive someone.

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Try to end this year on a more positive note by forgiving someone wholeheartedly---a foe, a “frenemy”, an estranged person or maybe yourself. You don’t have to be all so close or directly approach that person and declare your intent of forgiving them. That sounds absurd even to my ears. People have different ways of approaching things. What matters is that you courageously take the necessary steps to finally forgive people and move on from past events that have caused you pain. Forgiving sets both parties free. Forgiving sets you free.


6. Surprise a loved one.

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Haven’t surprised anyone before? It doesn’t have to be so fancy. Small acts of surprise like sending your mom a bouquet, paying a visit to your old friends, giving your former and favorite teacher a present, or writing a letter to a close friend would suffice. No matter how cliché it sounds, it truly is the thought that really counts. This Christmas season, be that ‘surprise’ for someone else. You never know to what extent little acts can touch human hearts.


7. Invest for your future home.

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Who doesn’t want a home one can call his own at such an early age say 23? Take a few steps ahead and start saving up for the future. The earlier you start investing your money onto something, the better. With today’s real estate developers like Camella offering more amenable payment schemes, owning a place of your own stands a high probability. Invest wisely before 2017 ends, so that come 2018, who knows? A new home for your family might just be what’s in store for you.


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