How to Conquer Your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

January 03, 2018

Making that list of goals again to achieve this new year and finding your New Year’s resolutions abandoned after the first few months of the year? Well, you just need a few tips on how you can check them all off by the end of year 2018. Better grab a pen and paper to jot these things down! 


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1.            Get down into details.

To turn your resolution into reality, get it down into specific details. List something that you can really count as meeting your goal. An example would be saying that you want to spend less money to be able to get bigger savings. Instead, identify a certain amount to achieve, let’s say you have to save Php 10,000 per month. In that manner, you’ll know the proper ways on how you are supposed to attain it.


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2.            Focus and be realistic.

Be sure to set something both achievable and inspiring. Instead of making a to-do-list type of resolution, try to put all of your effort into just one or two major things. This will help you greatly focus and give emphasis on your goals. It’s better to cater them onto things that you truly care about, to make it more personally meaningful so you won’t lose interest in the middle of the process.


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3.            Avoid short-term mindset.

When creating these resolutions, the person usually set them due to their mood as of that very moment. That’s why they end up being forgotten after a few months after the New Year. To avoid this kind of scenario, keep in mind that your goals should be something that you will strive for until the end of the year. Keep yourself motivated by following a certain timeline so you’ll be on track all the time.


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4.            Keep a daily reminder.

It is normal to feel uninspired and have times of doubt. You’ll really have those days where you’ll get haunted by your second thoughts. During these times, it’s better to get reminded every single day of the end goal you are trying to pursue. Be sure to put the sticky note where you’ll certainly see them as a part of your daily routine. While you’re at it, might as well add some motivational quotes every now and then to boost your conviction towards your desired result.


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5.            Give yourself a prize!

Based from B.F. Skinner’s study, when a favorable outcome, event, or reward occurs after an action, that particular response or behavior will be strengthened. By the end of the year, after having accomplished the end result that you worked so hard for, why not reward yourself with something you’ll surely love? This will drive you to get more focused on your resolution. It may be a small treat as simple as movie tickets or your favorite book, or a sound investment like a car or a place to call your own.


By following these five (5) tips thoroughly, it will definitely increase your chances into attaining your annual goals. Failed resolutions no more! Just be positive and don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ll be surprised on how effective it will be, to the point you’ll get back to these tips again in the following years.


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