Esang's Simple Life-Hacks

January 22, 2019

We do the same chores like a routine everyday and let's admit it, it gets boring and sometimes challenging to improve and tidy things up, especially if these chores involve cleaning and organizing a lot of stuff in our home. Most chores consume great amount of time that the time you have saved for yourself sometimes gets eat up too. We wanted to help you save time from your mandatory duties at home and make your chores easier to let you enjoy your well deserved time with your loved ones, family and for yourself.


That is why we have listed down some simple home life-hacks that you can use to make your chores easier:


  • Maximizing the space in your closet storage with the use of shower curtain clips and binder clips.


  • Begin with pre-sorting your clothes in separate laundry bins throughout the week.


  • When freezing ground beef, flatten it out in a Ziplock bag for faster thawing.


  • Use a large Ziplock bag as the container of your paint for an easy cleanup when painting anytime.


  • Wrap an elastic band around both ends of plastic hangers to stop clothes from slipping off.


  • Need to dry your laundry quickly? Throw a dry towel in with your load, by this the towel will soak up excess water and dry your clothes faster than your usual way of drying laundry.


  • When ironing a button-up shirt, flip it inside-out to easily iron over the button side.


  • Absorb food juices in your trash bin by putting an old newspaper at the bottom of the bin.


  • Lay your sweaters on a flat surface instead of hanging them on the clothesline to prevent them from stretching out.


Doing these things are great when you're at your own house, for you will always feel free to do the stuffs you adore while living together with your loved ones. That's why Camella’s Lessandra Series offers selection of houses to make every Filipino families and young professionals have their own home through reachable price, yet with a great house and lot development in a community that has everything they need.


Looking for a new home that is made for starting families and young professionals? Consider your search as done. Camella’s Lessandra Home Series is the right house for you.


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