DAVAO CITY: Must-see & Must-do

August 26, 2017

Besides sticking out as the largest city in the entire Philippines with a total land area of 2,443.61 km2, Davao city is surely not hailed as the “Crown Jewel of Mindanao” and “City of Royalties” for nothing. This place is like a wonderland offering a bunch of awesome things and activities that locals and travel junkies should definitely try at least once in their lives!


Davao’s Chinatown, City Hall, People’s Park, Pearl Farm Beach, Crocodile Park and Museo Dabawenyo are just some of the places the city is famous for. But, for regular visitors and Davaoeños alike, here’s the mandatory list of must-see and must-do in Mindanao’s prime city. 


Note: It’s the gravest sin you’d be committing yourself into if you dare gloss over these things:


1.Must-do: Devour the King Durian.

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Nobody reveres the notorious “King of Fruits” more than the people of Davao or Davaoeños as they’re fondly called. Because of its extreme popularity and abundance in the city, Davao and Durian always go together. For people who haven’t had a heavenly taste of Durian, it’s without a doubt a must-try. Don’t be discouraged by its not-so-pleasant smell and instead summon the courage to finally taste, no, devour the hailed King.


2.Must-see: Get a glimpse of the crowned Queen.

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Davao City is where the “Queen of Philippine Flowers” runs its majestic empire. Euanthe Sanderiana or Waling-waling as it’s locally-called is the most sought-after orchid in the city. Paying a visit to Davao’s acclaimed orchid farms and laying your eyes in one of the most beautiful and expensive orchids in the country may seem ordinary for some, but for orchid connoisseurs, getting their hands on the Queen Waling-waling might just mean putting a tick in their bucket list. 


3.Must-do: Conquer PH’s highest peak.

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It might be pretty obvious that climbing the Philippines’ highest mountain, Mt. Apo, is a once in a lifetime adventure and an ultimate goal for veteran mountain climbers. Mt. Apo proudly stands 2956 meters above sea level and is nestled in the borders of Davao City and Davao del Sur province. If trekking this majestic, active volcano seems too much for you, then going near the foot or taking that instagrammable photo would surely be more than great for a souvenir.


4.Must-see: Visit one of world’s rarest and most powerful bird.

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Besides the king fruit and queen flower running their empires here, the country’s National Bird also holds its sovereignty in the city. Meet the Philippine Eagle that’s endemic in our islands and hailed as one of the rarest and most powerful birds in the world. Spare some time to visit the Philippine Eagle Center which is home to more than 30 eagles in the country.


5.Must-do: Invest in Mindanao’s prime city.

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With Davao being the prime city in Mindanao, there is no better place to make some bold financial move and invest. For Davaoeños and Davaoeños at heart, having a home that matches the vibrant, urban lifestyle offered by the city, is plausible through investing in a condominium unit that’s quality and affordable just like the recently-launched Condo Homes by Camella. To live in Condo Homes is not only convenient and comfortable, but also safe and secure. Condo Homes, Camella’s carrying brand for its vertical projects, has four upcoming must-checkout mid-rise projects in Davao City: Condo Homes in Ma-A, Condo Homes in Buhangin, Condo Homes in Lanang and Northpoint.



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