Common Misconceptions about Condominium Living and the Truth Behind them

January 25, 2018

These days, condominium living has become more prevalent than ever. Individuals are more open to the idea of vertical living; not only for the single ones but also for those who are planning to start their own family.  Some of the reasons why people are now choosing to live in a condominium unit is that it requires less maintenance, there is guaranteed security, the appreciation of property value is much more relevant and it is usually more convenient due to the accessibility to the developments. Although there are several reasons why people choose to live in a condo unit, there is still hesitation to some because of the misconceptions about condominiums. Here are some and the truth behind them:


1.Condominiums will be demolished after 50 years

  • One of the reasons why some people don’t consider buying a condominium unit is because of the thought that the building will be demolished after 50 years or that it might be taken away from them by the developer or government which certainly is not true at all. Fact is; just like a house, once you own a condo unit, you will be provided with Condominium Certificate of Title which will serve as the symbol of your ownership to the property. Hence, perpetually owning it, meaning it will not be taken away from you.

2.     You can’t relax in a condominium

  • While most people’s idea of home is living in a usual house because they think condominium living is more of a fast-paced, come-and-go set-up, there are actually some condo projects that offer primary home feel and relaxed-type of living, usually the ones located outside the hustle and bustle of the city.

3.     Condominium units are small

  • Sometimes, variety is something people consider when choosing a condominium. Having known that by developers, condominium units are delivered in a variety of sizes and types like: studio type (unit without partition), 1-3bedroom unit (unit with partitions depending on number of room), loft-type (unit with second storey) and penthouse (unit that occupies the highest floor of the building and with a big floor area) to cater the different needs of the market.

4.     Living in a condominium is like living in a box and is boring

  • In this generation, people’s attention span is becoming shorter; wherein they tend to be easily bored. That is why the connotation that living in a condo unit will be boring due to lacking of open spaces or feeling like living in a box is something that people dislike. Although this remains as an impression to some, it doesn’t really prove that it is true because owning a condo unit also means an access to all the facilities and amenities of the condo project itself which usually includes: swimming pool, gym, recreational areas, etc.

Also, coping up with the modernization, developers have started to venture on mixed-use condominium developments. Where condos will not be just like buildings with units inside but a place where everything you need is present. Condominium projects are being developed not for only residential purposes but with commercial and institutional establishments.


Choosing and deciding to own a condominium can be a difficult decision to make. Especially with different misconceptions that are considered by some as true. But the truth is; none of them is. Maybe some are just too afraid to try something they haven’t done for the first time.  Having the right knowledge about condominiums, there is just one question left for you to answer: Are you now ready to live in a condo unit? Check out our condominium projects now. 

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