Christmas Saving Tips

December 17, 2018

Christmas Saving Tips:


It is not always about buying and having new stuffs or besettingly spending money every holiday season. You invested sweat and time to have that hard-earned money yet you’re just spending it impulsively. Don’t get me wrong, we know that’s your money and we do not have the right to direct you on your money-plans, but we want to help you spend it wisely or better, save cash. Because who doesn’t want to save money especially in this time of the year? So for that we have listed some tips you might want to follow to help you save money this holiday season. Get your pen and paper and be ready to jot these things down:


  1. Make a list (and check it twice)

It’s important to know the things or food you are about to buy, for it will keep you on track and will help you stick with your plan. Never make an impulse Christmas shopping! By that you’ll also have at least an idea of the estimated amount of money you’ll be needing and you’ll know where to find them which will help you save time looking for these things. Things to include in your list are:


  • Santa’s list- Create your very own Santa’s List, a list including those who had been good to you this year,  as well as the things you’re considering in giving them what you want them to get.

  • Entertainment supplies- Think of the party’s activities and events you’ll be managing and list down all the things that needs attention for execution.

  • Travel/Tour plans- Whether you’re planning to take a holiday vacation or tour, driving or flying, you can still save on travel costs. Make a list of all the costs like accomodation, airport transfers, petrol, flights et cetera. Book and shop around in advance to avoid paying for premium in the last-minute deals or peak season increases.


2. Do It Yourself presents

Isn’t it heartwarming to receive a DIY gift? There are a lot of ideas for making homemade goodies and stuffs. The receiver of your gift will surely be more than glad to have your gift since these are especially made with a heart of creativity and effort in the core of it, and because some best presents are homemade and personalised.




3. Consider personalised cards and wrapping

Inspired from the DIY gifts mentioned before, instead of spending your money in buying gift wraps and cards that are a bit costly and will later be ripped and thrown away. Why not make a personalised or a recycled one? That personalised wrapper and card will not only make them surprised with your gift but they will also feel special, since personally made cards and wrapper are made with effort and creativity. Some personalised gift wrap and card ideas are:


  • Letter from the heart; a love-letter writing instead of the traditional holiday greeting cards.

  • Personalised photo-card made with your favorite photo.

  • Painted wrapping paper or DIY wrapping paper, as an alternative for the store-bought gift wrappers.


4.Try browsing online and do online research

Consider online shopping especially at this time of the year where malls are really crowded. Start your Christmas shopping online by looking for discounts or coupon codes that you can use at the checkout. You can also go to the sale section of the retailer and search for the cheapest deals. Check if they also offer no-cost shipping.


5.Enjoy a simple holiday meal

You can enjoy a simple yet memorable holiday dinner with your family at home. Just toast, celebrate and focus on the feast with your family, and be thankful for another wonderful time. Just make sure that all the food prepared during the feast will be eaten.


6.Opt for a budget-friendly trip or a staycation

We know we’ve said to plan and book earlier but you can actually consider not going somewhere far from home where you’re oblige to spend. You can plan for a close-to-home holiday getaway with your family, bond with your loved ones with the amenities in your community or just bond inside your home with fun activities. This will not only make you save money but you’ll also save time from spending the time productively bonding with your favorite person/s instead of spending hours travelling to get to your destination.


It isn’t necessary to give everyone an expensive gift just to have something to share and make them happy. What matters most is the quality time you are sharing with your favorite loved ones in every special time of the year. Don’t forget to acknowledge the true meaning and spirit of Christmas, that this holiday season is all about loving and sharing with your favorite and loved person.


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