Choosing Your Dream Home is Like Choosing Your Dream Guy!

August 16, 2016

Do you dream of buying a home of your own? If you answered yes (with conviction), then for sure you already have that magic checklist or the “must-haves” of your dream home. Do you agree, though, that choosing your dream home is like choosing your right guy? Well, for one, they are both difficult and challenging to find - like looking for a needle in a haystack. Two, we want them so bad, right? And the list will go on as you read this blog.

He should be attractive in and out, like your dream home.

Camella Homes attractive in and out

Well-designed facade, spacious lanai and balcony, eye-catching shade, lush terrain, and a manicured garden – those are the “must-haves” of every one’s dream home. 

The exterior, however, is not as essential as the interior, as it will only satisfy your eyes, similarly to the physical aspect of a person. Inner beauty is still way more important as it will not just satisfy your eyes, but it will also warm your heart, boost your energy and rejuvenate your soul. 

He should show warmth, just like your dream home.

Camella Homes show warmth

Who doesn’t want to rush to a warm embrace and sweet kisses after a long day of work? Your dream guy should be able to relieve your stress and anxieties. He should be able to make you feel comfortable after a hectic day, just like your dream home. Your dream home should be cozy, and should exude a relaxing vibe.

Thus, the interior should have comfortable furniture, warm lights, colorful curtains, beautiful displays, and… the list goes on. 

He should be able to welcome your family and friends, just like your dream home.

Camella Homes welcome your family and friends

Your dream guy should be able to exude a welcoming vibe to your family and friends, similarly to your dream home. Therefore, there should be a living room or a place for entertaining guests, complete with appliances or materials that will make your visitors feel comfortable in your home.

He should be emotionally and financially stable, just like your dream home.

Camella Homes is emotionally and financially stable

As much as you want to avoid another episode of Yolanda and Ondoy, natural calamities and disasters, are unfortunately inevitable. Just like in relationships, problems and challenges will always come along your way. Hence, you and your significant other should be strong enough to withstand the test of time.

He should be there when you need him, just like your dream home.

Camella Homes is there when you need her

During tough times, your dream guy should always be there, physically and emotionally. No offense to those who are in a long distance relationship, but it isn’t it better if you’re significant other is physically present to comfort and assure you that everything will be fine when you’re at your lowest? 

In the same way, your dream home must be accessible. If you want to score for work and life balance, then your place should be close to your work and close to your favorite places of leisure. Moreover, it should be near hospitals (in case of emergency!).

He should date you exclusively, just like your dream home.

At Camella Homes you are secured and safe

Exclusivity is one of the ways to approach a relationship. When you say that you are exclusively seeing someone, it means that you are out of the dating game, which further means that your time and your love will only be dedicated to only one person, explained Erick Kristian, an ehow contributor, on his definition of “exclusively dating”.

This exclusivity also entails safety and security – very applicable to your dream home. Hence, your dream home should be in a safe environment and in an exclusive subdivision. The whole community should be gated and guarded, strictly monitored by roving security guards and CCTV system.

He should also love you in return, just like your dream home.

Camella Homes loves you in return - value for money

In choosing your dream home, you should also take into consideration the return on investment. You should make sure that your home’s value will appreciate over time, making it a more valuable asset. Like in a relationship, we don’t want our investment – time, money and effort - to be put into waste. They should be reciprocated, at least.

How about you? What do you have on your checklist?




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