Camella : Building the Country for the Last 38 Years

February 28, 2014

BUILDING the Country" .... in three powerful words, Camella's brand tagline has encapsulated more than what it represents, more than its reason for existence; It is also a statement of the group s vision and its mission, and a glimpse into what the brand plans for its future.


With 38 years and counting, Camella has built over 250,000 homes to date and retained a powerful presence in Mega Manila and 38 key provinces as well in 65 cities and municipalities. It is a story about the desire to build a home for every Filipino. To deservedly reward the hard work and perseverance of the Filipino family man. To give young families a place of their own where they can grow their dreams and tomorrows.


It is also a story of evolution, from building some of the country's finest and most desired communities to today, building cities. It's all part of the masterplan.


The Camella master plan describes residential communities that are more than a composite of homes, streets, parks, and playgrounds. Camella believes that communities should bring whatever its families need within easy reach. Thus, each community is ideally located with immediate access to institutions like schools, hospitals, churches, transport hubs, and places of leisure. But the group has taken this a step further and exploded that strategy by bringing the institutions right into the communities. Now, when Camella builds, it also builds churches, schools and commercial centers. By creating properties that are essentially self-contained, it is creating virtual cities.


To Camella, the master plan of every single community it builds, in every single location it selects, is a sacred, living blueprint that incorporates not only what the group intends to build, but what it intends to accomplish to build cities, since a country is often known by its cities, like how Paris is for France, Tokyo is for Japan, and New York is for the USA. By building communities where they are needed, and by creating the foundations for tomorrow's cities, Camella is building the country.


Beyond creating self-contained communities, Camella developments have become a "mark of progress" and signs of growth and expansion across the country. Roads get better, commercial developments crop up, transport increases, and possibilities become endless. Lives improve, dreams become bigger, needs diversify and growth becomes inevitable.


Throughout history, this is exactly how the great cities of the world came to be. A germ, a seed, set growth in motion. A few homes built along a river evolve into a great city. A town along a roadway becomes a metropolis. A community is designed for the future and built to respond to what is needed today, and what will be needed tomorrow—and slowly, and surely, a country will be built better.


"Camella. Building the Country," speaks of more than what the brand is all about, it speaks of what the brand promises to do building the finest homes to make dreams become realities.


CAMELLA is the subsidiary catering to the midmarket segment of Vista Land, the country's premier home-builder. To date, the company has won the Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Gold Award, two-years in a row, proving that in Camella is a real-estate brand to be reckoned with in all of Asia.


Camella has long been a familiar name with Filipino families both in the country and abroad. In over 38 years, it has built an immense selection of affordable, high-quality homes with world-class settings and exquisitely themed communities across our islands—each one carrying Vista Land's expertise in space planning, carefully thought out and sustainable architecture, and an innate knack for selecting the most accessible and attractive locations—always conveniently close to schools, business centers, transport hubs; and places of worship, entertainment, and culture.


If you're interested in any of the Camella communities, call the hotline at 02-Camella or 2263552. Keep up with the latest Camella information, news, events and announcements through Like "Camella Official" on Facebook and follow "@CamellaOfficial" on Twitter and Instagram.



Source: Business Mirror


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