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August 10, 2014

It's been years since Camella's "Bulilit" commercial first aired, but its success prompted it to remain in the consciousness of many both young and old. Aside from the adorable, young lead, the commercial's catchy theme song, "Bulilit" has gained popularity for its simple, yet highly, relatable message.

As the company continues to strengthen its presence in the midmarket segment, Camella has recently launched another advertising campaign that will endear it once again to its target market.

The campaign, wittingly titled, "Bunk Beds", provides a peek into the lives, dreams and aspirations of every Filipino family. Inspiring and heartwarming, the brand's newest commercial hopes to present a more candid take on the reality of raising a growing family.

Starting with limited resources, Filipino families often find themselves having to make do with whatever is made available to them, sometimes to the extent of having to sacrifice quality of life even for the young ones.

The television commercial shows a typical Filipino family engaged in their nighttime ritual the father lovingly kisses his wife, the baby and three other children, good night; going from bed to bed, to make sure that they are all nicely tucked in. He then proceeds to say "goodnight" to the house help before the harsh reality of their living condition is presented. Dad then straps himself onto the wall with a seatbelt and tries to sleep. In spite of its comedic nuances, the reality presented in this situation is that there simply isn't enough space anymore for their growing family.

The camera then pans out to show the limited space of their home and it is revealed that the entire floor has been covered with his sleeping family. The said scene is echoed in the commercial's jingle, "Daddy ko, daddikit. Dikit nang dikit... Sikip, masikip." It may be funny to watch but it does make you think about your own family, and the kind of life that they deserve.

You don't need to be a multimillionaire to want the best for your family. Being able to provide your children with a comfortable life is something that every hardworking parent aspires for.

Hence, in the second part of the commercial, it is already morning and the same family wakes up to something new. They are now in a bigger home, and as the house help cheerfully greets them a "good morning", Mommy, baby and Daddy are now sharing their own room while the two boys and little girl have their own rooms as well. To mirror the upbeat mood of being able to finally live in a more comfortable home, even the tempo of the commercial's jingle has shifted to something lighter and more fun, "Dito na! Dito na! Bahay maluwag na!"

The family is now shown owning a house in one of the many beautiful Camella communities across the country, as the jingle continues, "Salamat Daddy ko, nasa Camella na tayo!" Aside from the inspiring television commercial, Camella also made use of the same jingle for its radio advertisements, actively prompting families to realize their options when it comes to being able to afford a house that they'd love to keep coming home to.

Directing Camella's latest television advertisement was top helmer Joel Limchoc of Pabrika whose impressive portfolio includes award-winning commercials for local and international brands. Brilliantly and heart-warmingly crafted by the creative and strategic taints at Leo Burnett and working closely with Camella's Corporate Communications team, Bunk Beds' message was presented cleanly and clearly.

As so many Filipinos dream of a home of their own with rooms to raise and nourish a growing
family and growing dreams, it doesn't have to remain a dream thanks to Camella. Being one of the most enduring real estate giants in the country, Camella responds to this need by building spacious homes in exquisite, themed communities across the country. With each and every one
specifically designed to make the dreams of the middle-income Filipino family a reality.

Offering a variety of sizes, designs and price options as well as strategic locations and financing schemes, which make it much easier to purchase a home, the company envisions being able to provide a home for every Filipino family wherever in the Philippines they choose to reside.

The television and radio commercials show a deep understanding of the aspirations of its market, and succinctly capture what Camella has been successfully doing for over 38 years. The group has built over 250,000 homes in Mega Manila and 38 other key provincial destinations and 65 cities and municipalities, making it the real estate brand with the widest geographic reach and the brand that builds for the country's middle income segment and OFWs.

Though handled lightly and with humor, "Bunk Beds", proves that Camella understands the lives and needs of the Filipino family and offers itself up to them as a stepping stone to the possibility of their dreams becoming a reality.


Camella is the subsidiary catering to the mid-market segment of Vista Land, the country's premier homebuilder. To date, the company has won the Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Gold Award three years in a row, proving that Camella is a real-estate brand to be reckoned with in all of Asia. For more information on Camella communities, call the hotline at 02-Camella or 2263552. Keep up with the latest Camella news, events and announcements through Like "Camella Official" on Facebook and follow "@CamellaOfficial" on Twitter and Instagram.

Source: The Philippine Star Sunday

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