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February 18, 2014

In the USA and much of Europe, community schools are the norm, largely because they provide students and their parents several advantages.  A primary benefit is access.  With the child’s school located close to the home, safety and security become less of an issue.  Travel time is minimized allowing the child more time to sleep – which is crucial for the health and development of growing children – as well as more time to spend at home for studying, play, and spending time with the family.  The proximity to the home also allows parents and guardians to participate more in the school’s activities. This allows parents to be more aware of what is going on their children’s lives, as well as be more involved in those lives. Beyond this, with children growing up together and teachers actually watching their students grow up, lifelong friendships are developed, as well as a powerful sense of community. It has actually been observed that this, more often than not, results in the creation of individuals who are more civic minded, more emotionally and psychologically sound, and even physically healthier.

In the Philippines, Camella – the real estate brand with the widest geographic reach – with its focus on building and strengthening communities, is creating a network of schools strategically and conveniently located within their developments.  Dubbed Georgia Academy, or Georgia College in Bulacan, the schools are named after the well-loved US State in the Deep South – Georgia – whose sprawling colonial mansions, warmth, friendliness, sense of family, and hospitality were the inspiration for Camella’s Savannah City, Iloilo, where the first Georgia Academy was built.

To date there are three schools in the network, Georgia Academy in Iloilo and Antipolo – offering pre-school to high school, and Georgia College in Bulacan that currently offers six courses including a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management.  A fourth Georgia Academy is currently coming up within the master planned community of Gran Europa in Cagayan de Oro City soon.

Savannah City, the flagship project of Vista Land in the Visayas, sits on 350 hectares of verdant land, spread over Oton, Pavia and San Miguel in the historical province on Panay Island. Savannah City’s St. Pio Church matches the South American theme of community. The grand entrance welcomes one with a wide tree-lined avenue to a graceful rotunda that connects The Crest, The Trails, The Glades The Glen, The Orchard, and Lessandra – the development’s six highly livable residential communities. Beside Georgia International Academy is its famous FIFA-standard football field. It was inaugurated in 2012 by the Azkals’ James and Phil Younghusband, who also aspiring young football players the basic techniques of the game.

At the main entrance of Savannah is a centrally located transport terminal with 15 shuttle service units that move residents and visitors quickly and easily to wherever they need to go within the property and outside. A sprawling commercial complex will also rise within the community very soon, which will house retail shops, restaurants and other food and beverage outlets, as well as service establishments so close to home.

At the Gateway to Northern Mindanao, the beautiful city of Cagayan de Oro in Misamis Oriental, sits an almost 200-hectare community that echoes the beguiling Mediterranean.  Here, residences and enclaves evocative of the villas and villages of Spain, France and Italy have become the places where the lovely people of the “Land of Golden Friendship” will find their dreams and build their tomorrows.  Gran Europa is Savannah City’s counterpart flagship property in Northern Mindanao.

Gran Europa will be the biggest master planned community in Northern Mindanao, and possibly, the entire island.  Nestling elegantly in uptown CDO since 1995, it is a magnificent sprawl of seven enclaves; each designed to respond to different market segments, different preferences and different tastes.  In Gran Europa, one may choose to live in a quaint Italian village, a lively Spanish suburb, or a cozy villa surrounded by French gardens paralleling the paintings of Monet. 

Education Above All

Since its foundation in January 2008, Georgia Academy has been aligning itself with its vision and motto with its self-imposed mission to develop, enhance, nurture, and support young minds by providing a quality progressive education that is responsive to the needs and interests of its students:  The end goal being the developing of reflective learners who contribute positively to the nation and the larger global community.

It Begins With a Clear and Genuine Respect for Children

The Academy recognizes that children are unique and possess multiple intelligences.  They come from different backgrounds and have different learning styles and possess individual personalities.  Thus, for a learning institution to be effective, it must be able to work with both what the children have in common and what they don’t.  For this reason, the Georgia Academy curriculum is multi-disciplinary, collaborative and experience-based.  There is an emphasis placed on educating the “whole” person – the intellectual, socio-emotional, physical, and spiritual facets of each child. 

Creating an Education Network

To date, Georgia Academy has three campuses.  The very first is the Savannah City Campus in Abilay Norte, Oton in Iloilo and the second is along Ascension Road, Barangay Dalig, Maia Alta in Antipolo City.  Both offer pre-school up to high-school levels.  The third campus is in Bulacan and is actually Georgia College,  located in Northwinds Resort in Barangay Kaypian in San Jose del Monte City.  A fourth campus is ready to rise in Gran Europa, Cagayan de Oro by next year. 

With a long roster of students with high achievements in local competitions – be it academics, sports or the arts – it seems Georgia Academy’s integration of real life with learning, and its deep respect for children and their abilities, is proving a powerful philosophy in the education of our country’s future leaders.

Camella is the subsidiary catering to the mid-market segment of Vista Land, the country’s premier homebuilder. It has long been a familiar name among Filipino families both in the country and abroad.  In 38 years, it has built a selection of affordable, high-quality homes and themed communities across our islands. The group has built more than 250,000 homes to date and maintains a strong presence in Mega Manila and 38 other key provincial destinations and 65 cities and municipalities. Call the Camella hotline at 02-Camella or 226-3552; (082) 295-3973; Keep up with the latest Camella info, news and events through  Like "Camella Official" on Facebook and follow "@CamellaOfficial" on Twitter and Instagram.

Source: Business Mirror

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