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August 16, 2016

5 Reasons Why Camella is the Best Housing Brand to Sell

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Superman!

Like Superman, real estate brokers and realtors would also like their career to soar high and go up, up and away. However, with the bullish real estate market, competition among advertising officers, marketing representatives and salespeople of various developers becomes, definitely, neck and neck. If you want to stand out and be your customer’s SUPER(sales)MAN, you need the best product that will help you battle your foes.

Being the premiere builder of high quality yet easy-on-the pocket homes for 40 years, Camella is your best armor to ensure success. It is the most preferred brand of homebuyers when they are looking for homes that will not just fit their budget but also their desired lifestyle.

If you are not yet convinced that Camella can make your customers’ satisfied and fulfilled, and can make you your customer’s SUPER(sales)MAN, then you should read more about the best real estate product I am talking about.


Camella is the Most Trusted Developer for Five Consecutive Years

For five years in a row, Reader’s Digest named Camella as one of Asia’s Most Trusted Developer - a testament that Camella has captured the hearts of Filipinos.

“We offer our clients our deepest gratitude for their trust and loyalty, and the promise to keep building beautiful communities so they can live the lifestyle they have long dreamed of,” said Mr. Red Rosales, Chief Marketing Officer of Vista Land.

If Camella is most trusted, then it is at the top of the choices of most homebuyers.


Camella Fosters Strong Brand Recognition

Having sponsored several top-rating shows on TV such as The Voice (regular and kids edition), It’s Showtime’s Mini Me and Pinasikat, Pinoy Big Brother, Bet on your Baby, and Kapuso Milyonaryo,  Camella is undeniably the most popular housing brand in the country. 

Known as home of TV show winners, Camella is easily recognizeable; thus, it is very easy to sell.

More sales entail more income and more opportunities for career growth. You will not just become your customer’s Super(sales)man, you will also become your family’s Superman.


Camella has the Widest Geographic Reach

Aside from being attainable because of its affordable price, easy financing and flexible payment schemes, Camella is also reachable with its immense portfolio of more than 300,000 homes built across 95 cities and municipalities in 35 provinces. 

Wherever your customer wants to settle, there is Camella. Offering a Camella home is just easy peasy!


Camella is Accessible

Location remains to be the most important factor when choosing a home. Hence, Camella only builds in the country’s most attractive locations, close to vital destinations and major thoroughfares. 

Questions like “What are the malls close to Camella?”, “How do I get to my workplace from there?”, “Are there any other interesting places there?”, won’t be difficult to answer.


Camella Lives Up to its Tagline - "ALL THAT YOU NEED IS HERE"

Back then, Camella only offers homes with two to three bedrooms. Today, it has diversified to cater to the needs of bigger families who wish to live with more space to grow. While retaining its affordable price, Camella now offers homes with two to five bedrooms with floor areas ranging from 40 sqm to 166 sqm. 

Moreover, Camella  integrates various structures and developments within its communities. Aside from lifestyle facilities and modern amenities, there are already convenience stores, shopping centers, churches and schools present in some of Camella communities.

Camella goes beyond building houses; now, it builds communicities, innovative masterplanned city developments like no other, where all that you need is within reach.


Always keeping people at the heart of its developments, Camella is the best choice for Filipino families, as well as professionals who want to take a career in real estate selling. You could never go wrong with Camella! Isn’t it fulfilling to offer your client a home that he and his family will definitely love to live in?

Be your customer's super (sales) man. Be part of Camella's competitive sales team. Like “Camella Official” or send your resume to [email protected] or [email protected]

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