Be Someone Else’s Santa: A Guide To Giving Back This Christmas

December 01, 2017

Children are caroling, lights are twinkling and bells are jingling! Indeed, the atmosphere is delightfully filled with oh-so-Christmassy feeling! 


With house decorations made and the holiday break approaching, you’re probably starting to count your little fingers for gifts, or musing on how to wisely spend your Christmas bonus. But, wait. The fun and excitement shouldn’t fizzle out there. Let our zeal for Christmas be so great and compassionate—all geared up to give love and give back!

Giving back doesn’t have to be grand. The world’s not in need of jaw-dropping surprises; just a little love, actually. Interested in becoming someone else’s  Santa this Christmas season? Below are a few lovely ideas we’ve listed down for you!


For Family and Relatives

     Make or break a holiday recipe.

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Christmas-inspired cookies

Don on your little apron and be your family’s Santa Chef! This holiday, do away with your traditional pastries. Get crafty by adding some Christmas touches! Ever tried a pine-shaped cookie? What about finishing off that fluffy cupcake with festive toppers other than a plain white whipped cream? 

Highly-recommended is a new recipe to grace your family’s dining table during Noche Buena. You’ve still got a month to practice, so fret not. The bottomline here is to say “thank you” through your cooking!


     Gift sets are best bets.

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Mediterranean-inspired living room

 If your Christmas bonus would allow, a new set of furniture to replace your worn out living set or kitchenwares would surely paint a million-dollar smile to your Mom’s face. This holiday is the best time to splurge on big purchases since brands tend to offer holiday sales to hit their target before the year closes.

Shopping malls and bazaars would all be packed during this season, so why not give online shops a go? Some online shops offer exciting deals, discount coupons for first-time buyers, and deliver the item right at your doorstep.  


For Friends

     Regards and Rewards.

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Coffee Project’s Holiday Travel Journal

Your real friends definitely deserve a spot on this list. Show them they’re a real treasure for you by sending them a handwritten letter or by giving them small, handy gifts they can use at work. While planners, journals, perfumes and accessories are your go-to choices here, consider make-up sets, travel kits or sports gears as well.


     Explore ‘till thy fall!

This one’s not actually a tangible gift, but more of spending quality time with your friends this holiday. It’s a gift for both parties; a fun way to celebrate your bond. Explore cities that hold free concerts or interesting Christmas lighting events. Metro Manila always has these kinds of events, but if you really thirst to go places, check out other cities like Baguio, Cebu, or Davao.


For Others in the Community

     Donate. Donate. Donate.

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     Children with their gift boxes flash big smiles 

What counts here is not the huge amount of your donation, but the willingness and kindness of the act. Be a blessing to others by donating toys to orphanage, clothes to the homeless, food for the less fortunate, or letters for our heroic soldiers. 

Want to go extra mile? Immerse yourself more by volunteering for NGOs or charity foundations. Call out your friends, even family members, and who knows? This might just become your family tradition every yuletide season.  


     Promo for a cause!

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How interesting must it be to take part in a promo that lets you hit two birds with one stone? 

Big brands in the Philippines often run Christmas promos as a means to give back to those who are in need. A recently-launched promo, which has sparked interest online, is Camella’s MerryGalo Christmas promo that  fosters both consumer and community engagement. Homebuyers are automatically entitled an entry in the raffle draw, and their chosen beneficiaries get to win the same amount as the winning homebuyer’s. By liking and sharing the beneficiaries’ soon-to-be-released videos, netizens can likewise win exciting cash prizes! 

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In the competitive world of business, what probably warms the heart of the common Filipino more than strategic sales and discounts is the knowledge that some companies do care. During this season of giving and sharing, it’s good to know that even businesses that are profit-oriented in nature, not only try to drive sales, but aim to give back as well.  

Read the full mechanics of the promo on Camella’s Facebook Page, or click here.


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