A Trip Down The City Of Smiles

October 06, 2017

It’s not unusual for cities and municipalities in the Philippines to claim nicknames, but for a country quite known for its all smiles people and hospitality, what makes Bacolod—the City of Smiles—extraordinary?

For starters, Bacolod is a highly-urbanized city in the province of Negros Occidental and the most populous city in Western Visayas. Being twice hailed as the “best place to live in the Philippines”, once in 2008 and another in 2016, Bacolod City would certainly offer a remarkable and smile-inducing experience for every Pinoy traveler. So, whether you’re planning your next solo trip or barkada getaway this October in the prosperous land of Visayas, be sure to take a trip down the City of Smiles’ interesting offerings and landmarks!


What to take part in:  MassKara Festival

Are you in for a colorful fest in downtown Bacolod? Come and dance to some Latin rhythm in the city this coming October 22! Bacolod being the City of Smiles is mainly attributed to its MassKara Festival held every fourth Sunday of October. MassKara, which means “face of the masses or a multitude of smiling faces”, is an annual festival that highlights a street dancing competition where participants don colorful costumes, masks and headdresses. 

 Smiley face

A group of participants for the MassKara Festival


What to visit: Heritage Sites

What’s next after the MassKara fest? Well, it’s not entirely a bad idea to just go around the city for a local tour experience. Bacolod’s rich history is carefully preserved in interesting architectural creations like the San Sebastian Cathedral, a late 19th century church in Bacolod. 

Smiley face

San Sebastian Cathedral at night


One notable residential house in the city is Daku Balay or “Big House”, which became a seat of power during the Japanese occupation. Daku Balay is the ancestral home of a prominent sugar planter name Don Generoso Villanueva. Located along Burgos Street, what makes this abode more impressive than its sheer size are the intricate details that line the walls and adorn the interior and exterior of the house.

 Smiley face

Front view of Daku Balay


What to see: Capitol Park and Lagoon

Who said a capitol is plain boring? Besides the Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol building and the lagoon being the main attractions, the park likewise features a matching sculpture of a man pulling a water buffalo and a woman standing beside the same domestic animal.

 Smiley face

Sculpture of a woman standing beside a water buffalo


What to eat: Chicken Inasal

As travelers would say, traveling is not just about visiting places, but tasting the folks’ food as well. One thing that gets more attention than the MassKara Festival is Bacolod’s famed chicken inasal. If you want to go for the most authentic and delectable Bacolod chicken inasal, the perfect place to dine at is Manokan Country, a wonderful complex of chicken inasal restaurants. 

 Smiley face

Bacolod Chicken Inasal


What to expect: Condo Homes Bacolod

With Bacolod’s progressive economy and promising growth, more real estate developments have been sprouting in the area. Camella’s carrying brand for its condominium projects, Condo Homes, is soon to offer a beautiful mid-rise masterpiece. Condo Homes Bacolod, a community of 5 buildings with 5-7 floors of condominium units, promises an elevated level of urban living as it is masterfully located along Cordova-Buri Road, Brgy. Mandalagan —an enviable location for one’s permanent abode due to its proximity to essentially anything one needs to live conveniently and at ease.

Painting a curvier smile to Negrenses’ faces is Camella Condo Homes enticingly bringing this upgraded urban lifestyle at a fair and reasonable price starting at P1.8M. With Condo Homes’ sight directed at opening new beginnings, free-spirited millennials can get the most ideal return on investment while plunging into new adventures in life.

 Truly, the City of Smiles will keep on smiling with Condo Homes Bacolod opening its doors for the Negrenses to live and invest in!

 Smiley face

Condo Homes Bacolod Site Development Plan


Interested in having your own unit in Condo Homes? Contact us at 0999 887 2921 or 0917 537 7235. For more details, check out www.camella.com.ph or visit the nearest Camella office in your area.

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