What’s Next After Your I Do’s?

June 20, 2019

Marriage is considered to be a milestone in every couple’s life. Your honeymoon will be filled with love and sweet moments but marriage is more than romance and bliss. Life after getting married will definitely change and adjustments are inevitable. As you settle down, making a plan to figure things out within your marriage will surely be a big help in facing this new chapter in your lives. Your plan must include three important factors--finances, choosing the right home for your family and your plans in raising your children.


 Learn the art of budgeting. Your household finances is one of the most important things that you should talk about as newlyweds. Both of you must be transparent with your individual debts, assets and liabilities. You must also talk about your financial goals in life. Create a budget plan that considers your basic needs, lifestyle expenses, and emergency funds. Do not forget to save for your future home where you can start your first investment. For as low as Php 10,000 per month, you can own a Lessandra series from Camella. You can also try the 50/20/30 budget rule where you allocate 50% of  your combined after-tax income for things you classify as “needs”, 30% for your “wants”, and the remaining 20% for your savings.


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A home is always part of the married life--one of the foundations of it, as most pairs would say. After all, nothing probably signifies a new beginning better than a new home. This will serve as your initial investment as husband and wife, and will teach the both of you to become more independent. Also, investing early in your own dream home is ideal. Just remember that in buying your dream family home, you need to narrow down your options by identifying the factors that matter most such as location, quality, and affordability. Being the most trusted housing brand in the country, Camella offers with range selection of homes that are affordable and fit for starting couples.



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Starting your own family is a huge step that requires a lot of considerations, and deep, careful planning. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the ideal gap in having a child is every after three years. This will give couples ample time to grow as parents and prepare the both of you to take up larger responsibilities as your family gets bigger. As you raise your children, you must be prepared to allot a great portion of your income in providing for their basic survival needs, schooling, and even for emergency situations.



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            Life after marriage is not always perfect and easy. There will be hollows and bumps that will challenge your relationship from day one until your golden years of being together.  Make it better by starting it right. Create a plan ahead of time in building a good foundation.

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