Sweet Chimes for June Brides

June 03, 2019

Can you already hear the wedding bells chime? Or have you yet to receive special invites as a friend or a relative ties the knot this month? After all, June has always been associated with weddings as it has become the most popular wedding month across the globe. Engaged couples who are about to exchange “I do’s” most probably have ideas why June is such a good time for sealing this life-changing deal. For others who are just plain curious or interested, here’s why the bells chime sweetly for June brides!

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Blessings from the Ancient Times

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There are multiple etymologies as to the origin of the month of June. One famous etymology is that, the month is named after “Juno”, the wife of Roman God Jupiter, and the Roman Goddess of Marriage. Based on history, Juno‘s role was to protect women and rule over their marriage, including their pregnancy and childbirth. Hence, folks thought that marrying in June will bring luck to the couples because of the deity’s blessing and guidance. Obviously, this ancient belief has successfully weaved its way to popularity up until today.


Signs from the Celtic Calendar

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Another version of June wedding origin is associated with the Celts and their calendar. Young couples are paired off on the Cross-quarter Day of Baltaine or the first day of May for the Celts believed that the "light" half of the year (May 1 to October 31) was considered an acceptable time to marry. The pair goes on a date for three months and should be wed next Cross-quarter Day or August 1. But, most of the young couples that time became impatient. Therefore, they shortened the waiting time to mid-June boosting the popularity of June weddings.


Best bets for Favorable Resources

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Flash forward to modern days, in the Philippines, June is considered to be an auspicious time for this special occasion. Though June officially marks the start of the rainy season, time and weather conditions, especially market prices are significantly better compared to other months. Since many have come to acknowledge and believe in the charms and luck that marrying in June brings to couples, wedding-related businesses tend to ride this trend as well, offering friendly wedding rates or special discounts and packages.



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Regardless of the month, a wedding is such a wonderful celebration of love, unity, and happiness. It signifies a new beginning--a new life with the right person you’ve chosen to be with for life. The life after the wedding bells chime may sound scary for some, or thrilling and lovely for others, but what truly matters is the bond, and the belief in that bond that two souls can work it together until forever.



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For nervous or beaming couples about to wed this month, may the bells chime sweetly in your favor!


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