Feel the Fun in Camella Caravan: A Buyer’s Perspective

May 09, 2019

Seeking employment abroad is one way for us to get closer to our dreams---dream jobs, dream lives, or dream homes. For us, Filipinos, we deeply value having a home to call our own, so special offers in business, land or housing are opportunities that, for most of us, shouldn’t be wasted. 

You most probably have heard about Camella, the country’s largest housing developer. But, what about Camella Caravan? Did you know that Camella through its Camella Caravan project joins the fun and festivity in the country’s biggest festivals, offering exciting freebies, promos and discounts which can go more than a hundred thousand pesos?

Meet one of our modern heroes, Julee May Pastrana, a 35-year old OFW spa therapist in Dubai, who bought her dream home in Camella Aklan at the best possible offer---200,000 pesos less than the original price! 

Smiley faceJulee together with her husband Michael in Dubai

Q: What is your dream home?

A: My dream is very simple. It does not have to be big as long as it is conducive enough to dwell in and syempre I want to have a home that can give me assurance of my family’s safety lalo na at all girls ang [mga] anak ko, if ma-feel ko ‘yon, good na ‘yon sa akin. So with the help of my sister, who visited the actual site, naniniwala ako na Camella can give us that conduciveness and security that I am looking for.

Q: What made you choose Camella?  

A: The main reason why I chose Camella over buying just a house and lot is because of the location and the security. Camella in Aklan is located in Brgy. Jayao – Jayao, Numancia, and I want to go back in Numancia because there is where the precious moments of my life happened. Besides, we also have relatives in Jayao-Jayao. Plus it is fully-fenced, well-guarded and there are amenities that can be enjoyed by my whole family. You can really feel and see the peacefulness of the place.

Q: How did you learn about the Camella Caravan special promo offered during Ati-Atihan Festival?

A: I saw a Facebook post weeks before the day of Camella Caravan, and I found the special promo, [which was] so promising. Though at first, hesitant ako kasi baka may mga hidden charges but I want to give it a try. I chatted Ms. Eselle, the one selling the house and the person who posted the ad that I saw. Ms. Eselle explained to me everything I need to know about Camella and the caravan itself like the discounts, special promos and other things I need to consider before making a reservation. 

Smiley face

During the Ati-Atihan parade 

Q: What can you say about Camella Caravan?

A: Totally helpful. If not because of Camella Caravan, I think it would take me some time pa to buy my dream home for my family. It is not every day you’ll be offered ng mga ganoong promotions. Talagang nakakatulong siya sa pag-abot ng pangarap ng mga taong nangangarap magka-bahay. 

Smiley face

 Esang in Camella Caravan booth 

 Q: Since you are an OFW based in Dubai, how were you able to avail the Camella Caravan special promo?

A: Gladly, Camella allowed my youngest sister Shawie to represent me during the actual event noong January 20 and throughout the process since she’s the only sibling I have in the Philippines. My other siblings are also working here in Middle East. So she went there, she made a reservation on my behalf and we got the promo.

Smiley face Cara model house chosen by Julee (sample interior)

Smiley faceSample interior of Cara

Smiley face

Sample interior of Cara bedroom 

In no time, Julee and her husband along with their kids will be settling in their new Cara home within a safe community and will start a brand new life together in Camella Aklan.  

Starting from Visayas’ Sinulog, Dinagyang and Ati-Atihan, to Luzon’s Panagbenga and Anilag, and down to Mindanao’s Araw ng Dabaw, Camella Caravan has consistently joined six of the biggest festivals in the Philippines since January. This May, catch Camella Caravan in Quezon’s most colorful feast, the Pahiyas Festival 2019. Check out Camella’s official Facebook or visit www.camella.com.ph to know more about Camella Caravan.




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