A Vibrant Home for a Blooming Life

May 21, 2019

Whether we are moving into a new home or giving our old one a makeover, it’s the positive feeling that we always want to have. Home is not just a place to live in, as the true meaning of home goes beyond its concrete definition. It’s a place that recharges us after a long day of work, with interiors that perfectly blend with the mood and energy of what a vibrant home is.



To make it possible, here are the amazing ideas that will help us give our homes a new and vibrant atmosphere.


Clear out the clutter 

Decluttering our houses will give us more space to experiment new ideas for the interior. The four-box method is a new way that we can use in decluttering our home. The four boxes will be for trash, giveaway or things that can be sold, things that are for keeps, and items that will be relocated.


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Make splash of colors

Picking the right color enhances our mood. A study says that colors can influence our creativity, happiness, and productivity, thus using the right color for us can invite positivity. Using a blue color for your interior can clear your mind and make you feel relaxed, while green color reduces your anxiety. It is the most restful color for the eyes. White gives you the illusion of spacious home, while orange stimulates your appetite.



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Set the atmosphere with scent

According to experts, fragrances can set the atmosphere in different sections of our home. Based on Reader’s Digest, certain scent corresponds to each part of our house. Take for example, for living area, we can use a soothing cedarwood or sandalwood scent that gives off a welcoming vibe, while for our bedroom, we can use relaxing lavender or rose scent. A citrus scent can be placed in our kitchen and a peppermint scent is best placed in our office room. It invigorates our minds and helps in concentration. You can use a candle of a scent diffuser for this.


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Brighten up with proper interior lightings

Functionality is light’s greatest purpose in any interior setting. Good interior lighting must be used for a more efficient use or else, it’s just a waste of energy and money. It gives illusions depending on the light that is being reflected off to the surfaces of the walls. Dark-colored room with poor lighting look small while a well-lit one feels spacious. It enhances every element in our home if we use it properly.



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Create and decorate

Giving our homes a new and vibrant look will not be complete without home decors that match our taste and theme. From linens, shelves, and adorable recycled holders to stunning picture frames, all these complete the process of creating a stimulating vibe in our homes. It doesn’t have to be expensive. All it takes is a little bit of mix and match. Try to combine colors and patterns according to your taste and style.



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A vibrant home exudes positivity. It’s a place where we can feel the contentment in our lives and enjoy quality time with our loved ones. Our home should be the place where we can find inspiration and optimism in life. It should be a reflection of our personal values and things that make us happy.


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